LC Republicans group regains membership

LC Republicans meet in Valders 206.

Forrest Winstead (‘18) / Chips

Forrest Winstead (‘18) / Chips

LC Republicans meet in Valders 206.

Forrest Winstead, Volunteer Writer

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The LC Republicans have begun their meetings and events for the 2016-2017 school year. Though their meetings — along with discussion, hosting of political events and outreach work with larger organizations — they hope to inform the student body of their organization and their values.

The Luther College Republicans are headed by president Xavier Conset (‘19). The organization recently began their bi-weekly meetings, which discuss recent political events, the presidential debates, and prevalent political topics. The organization is currently  comprised of 55 students.

“So far it’s really going well, and we’re excited for the opportunities around campus we could have,” Board Member Bryce Hingst (‘19) said.

The Luther College Republicans also hosted the second and third presidential debates in Valders room 206, and held a discussion afterward. These events were coordinated by Conset and Hingst. Hingst hopes these events open the group to the campus.

“We really wanted to do more around campus regarding the election and wanted to promote a space where we can have an open discussion and hear all points of view and I feel that’s what we achieved.” Hingst said.

The Luther College Republicans meet on Monday nights to share their views with their fellow students and colleagues.

The group has been working with an organization named “Up to Us,” a national non-profit, non-partisan organization based on raising awareness among younger men and women of the United States regarding the national debt. Conset spoke on the issue and his concerns about the prevalence of the topic.

“It really seems to be a non-issue on campus, but it is a very important topic to talk about and we want to raise awareness,” Conset said.

“Up to Us” flew Conset to Philadelphia in order to participate in the 2016-17 campus competition “My Two Cents Day” at the “Net Impact” conference as a representative of Luther College.

This competition includes over 75 colleges from over 40 states discussing the national debt, with over $10,000 in prizes distributed to the winning teams, along with the top students flying to Washington D.C. for the 2017 fiscal summit. The scoring of the event is based off the individual team’s campaign along with the effectiveness and creativity of the team’s ideas.

LC Republicans submitted Conset for the competition after reviewing the LC Republican’s work with the organization, promotion of discussion of the national debt and a paper written by Conset on the national debt and its effects on the economy. “Up to Us” is a non-partisan organization, which means the winner of the “My Two Cents Day” competition is allowed to meets long time “Up to Us” ontributor, Bill Clinton.

“Since it has just been so busy, we have been meeting only every other week,” Consent said. “We also share informational pamphlets and discuss the debates at our meetings. The election year definitely influences our topics of discussion.”

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