Google’s 2-Step Verification: process not worth the hassle

Fran Stevenson, Features Editor

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At the beginning of this semester all Luther students were forced to register for a Google 2-step Verification with the idea that this will keep Luther accounts safe. 2-step Verification requires the one logging in to type in a password and then either receive a eight digit code texted to their phone or a google 2-step Verification application that verifies without a code.

The problem with this is that it is a pain in the butt. Myself and 16 other students wasted our time waiting for each person to log in to their Google accounts to do a presentation in one of my classes, waiting for their code or for their application to load while the other 16 of us twiddled our thumbs. What happens if my phone is dead or I left it at home that day? Why should this impact my classwork? What happens if I lose or break my phone during the school year?

What if I don’t have a cell phone? 2-step Verification relies on new technology and fairly expensive technology at that. Some people do not have smart phones even though a good majority of people do. So what happens to those students? Can they not get into their accounts? Or is their account just written off and is not as “secure” as all other students and professors?

My question for those implementing these measures is, aren’t there better ways to create more secure accounts? There have definitely been some issues with security in the last year. Myself and other students have received phishing emails claiming to be part of the Luther network. While I did not click on anything in the email it would be easy enough for another student or employee to follow the email links and get their information stolen or a virus on their computer. Because our Google accounts are provided through Luther, it is their responsibility to better secure these accounts but in doing so they might be leaving people behind.

One of the best ways to prevent viruses within Google accounts is to educate students and staff about phishing emails. A simple seminar on some of the ways that accounts get hacked could prevent a lot of issues and simplify the lives of a lot of students and staff.

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