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Vice President for Communications and Marketing to return to a teaching position in the Business Department Fall of 2017

Rob Larson teaches a bussiness class.

Rob Larson teaches a bussiness class.

Photo courtesy of Rob Larson.

Photo courtesy of Rob Larson.

Rob Larson teaches a bussiness class.

Biz Wagenson, Staff Writer

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Vice President for Communications and Marketing Rob Larson will be stepping down from his position after the 2016-2017 year and returning to the business department to teach this coming fall.

Larson stepped away from teaching to pursue the positon of Executive Director of Communications and Marketing in 2011 for four years before being promoted to Vice President for Communincations and Marketing in 2011. Larson started his career at Luther in 2003 in the business department.

During his time as vice president Larson was responsible for the improvement of Luther’s online influence, according to President Paula J. Carlson.

“One of the major contributions of Mr. Larson in his time as vice president has been the web content expansion,” Carlson said. “During his years [at Luther] the web presence has grown tremendously for Luther. That is a major accomplishment.”

Larson said that he considers the update and expansion of the website as one of his main accomplishments during his service.

“I think we have as strong a web presence as there is at colleges of our type,” Larson said. “It is very intentional and very focused on the audience that we need to influence. We didn’t have a video bureau when we started and this year alone we’ve already put out [approximately] 30 videos.”

During his time as Executive director and then vice president, Larson also had the opportunity to employ students in many capacities,  such as web content. One of those students was Branna Elenz (‘17). Elenz worked with Larson on updating Luther First-Year experience webpage, and she felt  he was a friendly and constructive employer.

“He’s a great connection to have and really supportive, so even after I didn’t work for him anymore I could always go have a chat with him,” Elenz said. “He really cares and wants to be updated on my life. I’m sure he does that as a professor too.”

Larson is looking forward to returning to the classroom and excited to know more students.

“I can walk across campus [right now] and sometimes I feel like people are about to ask me if I need directions,” Larson said. “I’m not known to the kids and they’re so important. I have fun in the classroom, I hope I’m an effective professor but like so many of my peers I really value those relationships. I really look forward to being in my discipline and my classroom.”

Carlson also said that she sees Larson’s ability to build relationships with students benefiting his classroom.

“My experience with Rob is he is a dynamic, engaging teacher, and I know that he very much enjoys and values his time in the classroom,” Carlson said. “We here at Luther are all called to have a particularly strong engagement with students.”

Looking ahead to the coming year, Larson may assist the new Vice President for Communication and Marketing in addition to acting as a professor.

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