Norse of the Week: Annie Versnik (‘17)

Katrina Meyer, Sports Editor

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Pitcher Annie Versnik (‘17) was named Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IIAC) Athlete of the Week for March 19-26. During this time, Luther Softball was competing at their tournament in Florida. During the tournament Versnik posted a 4-0 record over 24 innings. She let in no runs, only nine hits, eight strikeouts, and two walks. She held her opponents to a .113 batting average. This brings Versnik’s overall record to 8-1 with a .27 Earned Run Average (ERA). Luther softball’s record is now 18-2 going in to Conference games.

What does it mean to be named IIAC Athlete of the Week?

It was a really cool honor to get, especially being my first time. But honestly, whatever I can do to help the team out in any way is the most rewarding thing for me. How we do at the end of the day is most important, and whatever I can do to help is awesome.

How does it feel for the team to have had such a great start to the season?

It feels really good. Going to Florida was such an important stretch for us. We got 12 games in and it was a good confidence booster going into Conference play. We play in one of the toughest conferences in Division III, so getting off to a good start is always helpful getting into some of the hardest competition we will see coming up.

What are some goals for the team now that Conference games have started?

We really just want to take it day by day. We don’t want too look to far ahead to an outright goal. We just want to take it inning by inning, at bat by at bat, and pitch by pitch and do whatever we can in each situation.

When did you start playing softball and why?

I started with tee-ball in Kindergarten and then fast pitch started in second grade. I played every sport when I was younger. Something about pitching really stuck out to me. I thought the underhand motion was so cool and it took me a long time to get consistent.

Do you have any role models that you look up to?

The typical one for softball is Jennie Finch. What she did for the sport and what she is continuing to do is incredible. I would say my mom is also an inspiration. She played softball in high school and really got me into the sport.

What is your favorite thing about playing softball at Luther?

The team. You step onto campus your freshman year and instantly have 22 best friends. Having that team atmosphere is so rewarding and it’s so nice to be playing the game you love with everyone who also loves it.

Do you have a favorite memory playing softball at Luther?

Honestly, all of our bus trips. I wouldn’t say a specific game was my favorite. Spending time all together is the best. We make boring situations so much fun. There is never a dull moment.

If you could change one rule in softball, what would it be and why?

One rule that has recently been implemented that I’m a big fan of is making the pace of the game quicker. Our sport is starting to get slow with coaches giving signs and calling pitches. They are trying to speed up the game. Our catcher calls our own pitches, so we are able to keep a good pace going.

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