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SHOC celebrates Custodian Appreciation Day

Students, Custodians, and President Paula Carlson attend Custodian Appreciation Day.

Students, Custodians, and President Paula Carlson attend Custodian Appreciation Day.

Biz Wagenson (‘17) | Chips

Biz Wagenson (‘17) | Chips

Students, Custodians, and President Paula Carlson attend Custodian Appreciation Day.

Biz Wagenson, Staff Writer

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The fifth annual Custodian Appreciation Day (CAD) was held during shadow block on April 13 in the Center for the Arts (CFA) atrium. The student organization Students Helping Our Community (SHOC) organized the event. The event included live piano music, pastries, and refreshments for the custodians and other attendees courtesy of Peace Dining.

President Carlson attended the event to show her appreciation and say a few words of gratitude. Prior to the event, SHOC tabled to give students a chance to write notes of appreciation. These notes were then presented to the custodians when they came to the atrium.

The day was arranged in order to recognize the Luther staff in charge of keeping buildings and dorms clean and organized. SHOC officer Ben Haerther (‘19) saying thank you to the dedicated Luther staff is the purpose of the event.

“In my opinion, CAD is important because oftentimes [custodians] are under recognized and they do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that helps facilitate Luther College and keep us to the high quality standard that we are,” Haerther said. “It’s just something that gets overlooked and we just want to help bring it to attention and help students see all of the hard work they do.”

Luther employees 38 custodians that work around campus to ensure the cleanliness of everything from the furniture students sit on, to the windows students look through. They are also responsible for the organization and supervision of all student workers in custodial services. Haerther says the custodians deserve appreciation for more than what we see them doing throughout the day.

“Custodians do so much work, especially in the dorms after Saturday nights and they just go the extra mile to get to know their students that are in their building,” Haerther said. “I talked with [Custodian] Lyle and he was so helpful in setting up the event. And students have told me stories about him going around and leaving pieces of candy for people who are studying if they look like they are struggling with it. They just do so many things to make Luther a more comfortable place for students.”

Dahl Centennial Union Custodian Kathy Euans expressed that one of her favorite parts of being a custodian is that she is able to meet and interact with Luther students.

“I think the best part of being a custodian at Luther is seeing the students and mingling with them and learning about their futures,” Euans said. “It’s why I really like working in the Union; I get to see and talk to so many students there.”

This year the SHOC executive board decided to add tables and chairs to the event to allow the custodians and student attendees to sit down and engage in more conversation. SHOC officer Jae Creger (‘19) commented on how this made the event more conducive to showing appreciation.

“Last year we didn’t really have tables and everybody just roamed around,” Creger said. “This year I was able to sit down with them and ask them about what they were doing for Easter and their grandkids. We were actually able to socialize with the custodians and that way we were able to get to know them. Because you always see them but you never really stop to talk to them.”

Euans commented on how much she enjoyed SHOC bringing people together to express thankfulness for everything she and her colleagues do.

“Its nice to be able to get out of the [Union and go to an event] to have people show appreciation and receive so many ‘thank you’s,’” Euans said

Creger explained that showing how thankful students are for custodians is something that can happen on a daily basis.

“I think students can show appreciation by just stopping by to say ‘thank you’ or by asking them about how they are, or just saying ‘hi’ instead of walking past,” Creger said. “It really makes a difference to them.”

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