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SAC Concerts presents X Ambassadors for spring concert

Noah Feldshuh plays bass and Sam Harris plays guitar.

Noah Feldshuh plays bass and Sam Harris plays guitar.

Photo Bureau | Madie Miller (‘19)

Photo Bureau | Madie Miller (‘19)

Noah Feldshuh plays bass and Sam Harris plays guitar.

Sam Mitchell, Staff Writer

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American rock band X Ambassadors energized Luther students and community members in the Regents Center on April 21. The band’s set included their hit songs “Unsteady,” “Renegades,” and “Jungle.”

X Ambassadors originated from New York and have since relocated to Los Angeles. The band formed in 2009 and signed their first record deal in 2012. Their music has been featured in various movies and shows, including the movie “Me Before You” and the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black.”

“X Ambassadors music is an upbeat and modern take on American rock,” Student Activities Council (SAC) Concert Co-Chair Miranda Joslin (‘17) said. “Their sound is simultaneously energetic and jazzy. They’re the kind of band that is universally enjoyable.”

Around 800 students and community members attended the event.

“Since we’re a smaller school, we don’t have the same numbers at concerts that a bigger school or a state school might have in a stadium,” SAC concert co-chair Annie Goodroad (‘19) said.

Goodroad was especially proud of the turn out because of how much planning she put into the event. 

“I knew that [X Ambassadors] were good live, but there is something about the Luther crowd that makes an artist perform better,” Goodroad said. “It seems like every artist that comes to Luther always says, ‘Wow, that crowd was so loud and energetic’.”

Attendee Anna Wehde (‘17) felt that X Ambassadors did a great job of connecting with the audience through the music.

“They weren’t just really good musicians, but really good performers,” Wehde said. “They did a great job of getting people energized in the crowd even if they didn’t know all of [their] songs.”

Joslin’s favorite part of the concert was when the band performed “Unsteady.”

“Something about that moment really struck me,” Joslin said. “I had started filming the song and all of a sudden when [the lead singer] Sam hit the first note of the song and the audience cheered, I couldn’t control the tears.”

Attendee Joseph Tiegen (‘18) enjoyed the musical diversity of X Ambassadors’ set. 

“I like that the lead singer tried to bring his saxophone playing into the performance as much as he could,” Tiegan said. “It helps to break down barriers of instruments that are usually only in the instrumental world.”

According to Joslin and Goodroad, the concert is the fun part, but bringing the artist to Luther is a difficult process. First the SAC committee must discuss artists they think would be good to bring to Luther. Next, the co-chairs send out an email to their committee to determine the artists for the concert. The final step is to work with agents to get the top artists students vote on to be booked for the concert date.

“X Ambassadors was the top choice, so we are really lucky to have gotten them,” Goodroad said.

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