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Top Banana welcome back alums

Tim Komatsu (‘15) and  Chelanga Langason  (‘16) perform a skit in Valders.

Tim Komatsu (‘15) and Chelanga Langason (‘16) perform a skit in Valders.

Xavier Conzet (‘19) | Chips

Xavier Conzet (‘19) | Chips

Tim Komatsu (‘15) and Chelanga Langason (‘16) perform a skit in Valders.

Xavier Conzet, Staff Writer

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Each performance by Top Banana is completely unplanned and new for all. The improvisational theatre  group had their Star Wars-themed alum show on April 29 in Valders.

The returning alums partly consisted of Kajsa Jones (‘16), Ben Sides (‘16), Chelanga Langason (‘16), and Tim Komatsu (‘15). According to Sides, the show was a great way to return to campus.

“It’s been really hard since I haven’t been on campus,” Sides said. “This was a good way to de-stress and get a dose of improv.” 

Jones echoed the sentiment.

“I really miss Top Banana,” Jones said. “It was a lot of fun.”

The performance consisted of several games where a place and idea served as the basis of the crew’s performance. One was a skit that took place at a middle school dance. Members and alums poked fun at overly protective adults and teachers who try to fit in with middle school students.

Attendee Kurt Anderson (‘19) found this skit to be particularly funny.

“They are incredibly creative and have great timing,” Anderson said.

Top Banana member Noah Lauer (‘19) has enjoyed his first year with the improv group. 

“It is always exciting to see what creative twists the fellow members will add, and to see how the skits turn out,” Lauer said. “It’s definitely as fun for us as it is for the audience.”

Top Banana member Emma Brashear (‘18) finds participating in an improvisation group to be a unique experience.

“It’s a chance for organized goofiness, which is not something you get a lot of time for in college,” Brashear said.

Attendee Christopher Lange-Pearson (‘19) especially appreciated seeing the alums in the various skits.

“I thought it was a great performance, as usual,” Pearson said. “It was extra hilarious due to the presence of the alums.”

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