Crosswalks at Baker Village, College apartments a hazard

Julia Curtis (‘17), Staff Writer

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Living in Baker Village one must cross College Drive on a regular basis and, to be frank, it is not a good time. This crosswalk is not enjoyable for drivers either. I’ve been on both sides of the issue now, as a person who hasn’t realized someone was standing at the corner and hoping to not get flattened by oncoming traffic; and as the person standing on the corner, trying to figure out if this car will actually see me and let me cross the street. It’s even worse at night on that corner because there isn’t any light. When it’s dark and rainy and people are wearing their dark rain jackets it is almost impossible to see them on the side of the street. It’s dangerous for the drivers and for the students who just want to go home or just want to go to class.

The problem is even worse on the way to apartments. At least the Baker crosswalk has a sign. The apartment crosswalk has zip. Zilch. Nada. Drivers knowing that they are leaving downtown Decorah anticipate increasing their speed despite passing through residential areas of Luther’s property and a lot of foot traffic. Unfortunately a lot of this foot traffic and car traffic happen at the same time. In the mornings when students are walking to class and school busses are driving their routes to pick up younger students, parents are driving to work. The same thing happens in the afternoons when Luther students walk home from classes and everyone else travels home at the same time. During the warmer months when students ride their bikes it can be hard for them to stop when biking down the Baker Village hill or biking down the hill from Sampson Hoffland. Friends have said that they are worried they might get hit by cars when walking to or from class. Fortunately nothing bad  has happened yet. However, in light of the recent facelift the crosswalks have gotten, this effort doesn’t seem like it’s enough. To me, the best way to make sure that these crosswalks are safe for all parties is to put stop signs on both cross walks. To me, it doesn’t make sense to have stop signs going from Baker Village or College Apartments to the main part of campus when there aren’t any stop signs for the cross walks. The best way to ensure student and driver safety is to put more stop signs there. It’s a fairly easy solution and it won’t slow someone down so much that they can’t get to where they need to go on time.


Julia Curtis (‘17)

Staff Writer, Chips

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