Chips ready to carry on tradition of truth and discussion

Jacob Warehime, Editor-in-Chief

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“So why do you call it Chips?”

Any Chips employee, past or present, has no doubt responded to this question before. I cannot attest to the degree of patience with which they may have responded, but I have always maintained that one of the most important parts of working for Chips is explaining to people where our name originates. So hold on a minute while I adjust my soapbox.

Chips” comes from the 19th century adage of a woodcutter cutting a log. The woodcutter, so focused on completing his task with the utmost precision, does not pay attention to the chips of wood that fly from the log as he cuts. In the idiomatic sense, the woodcutter is letting things unfold naturally. He does not let his own prejudices influence what he is doing.

In our context, the adage becomes a statement on journalistic integrity. We don’t let ourselves become distracted or influenced by the “chips” that fly off of our stories while we write them. Our writers and editors work to get to the heart of the story — the truth, uninhibited by whatever the process brings.

I am often asked “Why don’t you change the name to something more modern?” This question always makes me chuckle. What could be more modern or important right now than the adage of the woodcutter to which our name is a reference? In a political climate mired by lies, distrust, and an increasingly blind contempt toward journalism, the image of the woodcutter serves as the standard to which we at Chips continually hold ourselves.

Besides our wonderful faculty advisor, Professor of English David Faldet, Chips is an entirely student-run organization. Every decision — from the stories we run to the punctuation we use — are decisions made by your fellow classmates. Because of this, Chips is more than just a school newspaper. It is a unique, college-wide, public platform for students and faculty to discuss the issues that are important to them. However, being a completely student run organization also means that we at Chips aren’t perfect. Working at Chips is a learning opportunity, which means sometimes we make mistakes. If you find issue with something we have published, let us know. If you have an opinion about something going on around campus, please write us. If you want your voice heard, Chips is your platform. We work for the Luther community, and we hope the Luther community will work with us.

I’ve worked for multiple, brilliant Editor-in-Chiefs during my time at Chips. All of them have shaped my view of what it means to be a journalist, as well as what it means to be an integral part of Luther’s community and shared history. And while another school year brings with it many uncertainties, one thing is certain — they’ve given me big shoes to fill. The way to fill these shoes? You probably guessed it — to let the chips fall where they may. My hope is that at the end of the year, we will look back at our large stack of perfectly cut logs, hardly able to notice the piles of wood chips that litter the ground below us. We look forward to achieving this goal in tandem with you, the always wonderful Luther community.

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