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“Great Places” through oil paints

Nam Nguyen (‘18) admires Homstad’s work displayed in the CFL.

Nam Nguyen (‘18) admires Homstad’s work displayed in the CFL.

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips

Nam Nguyen (‘18) admires Homstad’s work displayed in the CFL.

Kristen Wuerl, Staff Writer

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Local artist Carl Homstad (‘73) hosted a reception for the showing of a collection of his oil paintings in the Center for Faith and Life (CFL) on Thursday, Sept. 21. The show, titled “Great Places,” features selections from Homstad’s landscape paintings of places he has visited around the world, including scenes from six states and six countries.

Homstad’s show included paintings of the Great Wall of China, the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a Tibetan temple, the Waiheke Island of New Zealand, the Meat Cove in Nova Scotia, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and New York City.

Homstad began his “Great Places” project 15 years ago. His goal was to find the most interesting landscapes around the world and try to capture them.

“I made a list of places I wanted to go in the world,” Homstad said. “I was interested in Oriental art at the time, and first on my list [of places to visit] was China. Subsequently, I’ve gone to Japan, Nova Scotia, New Zealand, and Alaska. It’s pretty  easy to get a great picture of a landscape when you go to a great place.”

To capture and remember the great places he visits, Homstad takes multiple high-dynamic range and panoramic photos of the landscapes. He will sometimes take pictures of other images, such as a boat or children playing on a beach, and Photoshop those images into the pictures of the landscapes. He then paints his newly created and personalized images with oil paint.

“If you can think [of an image], you can create it,” Homstad said. “The world isn’t limited to what people show you or tell you or want you to think.”

Reception Attendee Emily Green (‘18) appreciated Homstad’s work and how he creates his images using both photography and painting techniques.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I was speechless,” Green said. “I was captivated by [Homstad’s] aesthetic while viewing his lovely array [of paintings].”

By displaying his art at Luther, Homstad inspired art major Madeline Skjervold (‘19), who hopes to one day return to Luther and showcase her art as well.

“It’s cool that [Homstad] came back to Luther,” Skjervold said. “Luther clearly has significance to his artistic becoming. To come across people who ‘made it’ is inspiring.”

“Great Places” gallery coordinator David Kamm also likes the personal aspect of alumni art showings and how a personal connection with a professional can positively influence young artists.

“I look forward to introducing students to the artist,” Kamm said. “It’s a nice opportunity for both the student and the artist [to connect]. The students can see a professional who literally went through the same institution [they’re attending] and who’s been able to work professionally in that area.”

Homstad feels his education at Luther helped him throughout his career as an artist. He said that his foundation in drawing and painting, studying abroad in Vienna during his junior year, and exploring Decorah contributed to his love of landscapes and art.

Homstad’s show will be on display in the CFL through Oct. 11.

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