Support Boulton for sensible leadership

Geoffrey Dyck (‘18)

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In 2018, Iowa will have one if its most pivotal elections for a new state governor in years. In the 2016 election cycle, Republicans won both chambers of the Iowa State Legislature, which has led to some of the most backward policies ever written and passed in Iowa. 

We are currently in a budget shortfall. Planned Parenthood’s funding was cut, which led to the closure of its four Iowa clinics. Unions have lost most of their power to negotiate and bargain with their employers. Funding to higher education was drastically cut, which lead to cuts in financial aid that previously aided low-income students.

We need practical leadership in Iowa now more than ever. I truly believe that State Senator Nate Boulton (D) can provide this practical leadership, and I am clearly not the only one. Boulton has received endorsements from major unions such as the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and respected Iowan politicians such as State Senator Liz Mathis (D). The Norse for Boulton group on campus has already gained a sizeable following, and we are continuing to grow.

Why are so many people endorsing Boulton? It is most likely due to the fact that he never stops fighting and working to make Iowa a better place for workers and families. Boulton has delivered powerful speeches that have inspired his fellow legislatures and ordinary people to keep advocating for what is right on every issue brought before the state legislature.

People are also endorsing Boulton because when Boulton is not fighting for progressive values in the state legislature, he is defending workers’ rights at his private law firm. For example, he took the Branstad-Reynolds administration to court on workers’ rights twice and won both times.

On the rare occasion that Boulton gets free time, he runs marathons (a total of 37 to be exact). Earlier this year, Boulton ran a marathon and then proceeded to hold a campaign rally directly afterwards.

There are many qualified candidates running for governor this year who would all be better than our current one, but I truly believe that Nate Boulton stands out from all of them. If you would like to learn more about Boulton feel free to contact me at [email protected] or go to his website

I hope you all join me in running with Boulton, because then we can restore Iowa to the greatness that it enjoyed before the Branstad-Reynolds administration took over.


Geoffrey Dyck (‘18)

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