The Norse Poll: Does deleting Facebook posts prevent helpful dialogue?

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I do believe that deleting Facebook comments that are not yours is not beneficial to anyone involved in the conversation, especially the the person that posted the original statement. They’re not able to learn from other people’s views and see the world through a different lens.”
-Brian Murman (‘19)


“I think that definitely prevents helpful dialogue. I don’t condemn the person who does that because you are your own person. If you really immature and you can’t handle hearing the other side, then that’s on you.”
-Elaina Bayse (‘21)


“Deleting Facebook posts would prevent helpful dialogue as it forces the audience to take parts of the conversation out of context. If you post something opinionated or controversial, you should be prepared to receive different opinions. If you’re confident enough to post it on Facebook in the first place, you should be okay with people posting something that might have a different perspective.”
-Aidan O’Driscoll (‘19)

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