The Norse Poll: Should Baker parking permits be expanded to other lots?

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“I don’t see why people can’t park in the other spaces. If you buy a parking pass for the same price as everyone else you should be able to park wherever you want. They should open it up so if people are staying somewhere else on campus or need to park in one of the other lots they are able to do that.”
-Kalie Kampa (‘18)

“Baker parking is extremely limiting and inconvenient for Baker residents unless you’re planning to go swimming in the public pool because the pool lot is not actually much closer than just walking from Baker. Sometimes that’s not plausible in time constraints or safety. A lot of us are on campus for music and we can’t park anywhere near the music building. It’s not convenient, especially for how much it costs.”
-Meredith Diebold (‘18)

“I think that there should be an expansion for parking in Baker because people who live in Baker are far away from every other class, and if they need to drive to class, then it can be very frustrating if they are parked far away.”
-Rachel Schwabenbauer (‘19)

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