Luther Artist’s Collective implements new goals for 2017-2018

Karl Nycklemoe, Staff Writer

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Around the world, groups of artists band together to create supportive spaces that promote both creative and interpersonal successes. At Luther, this is called the Luther Artist’s Collective (LAC). A student-run organization that meets to critique, exhibit, and sell students’ work, all while supporting endeavours of all group members. The group is open to all student artists, art majors, and non-art majors alike.

This year, the group is hoping to become more active on campus and to provide greater support to student artists.

LAC has recently used Gregerson Gallery to feature student work. The current exhibition consists of over a dozen pieces created using a variety of methods such as painting and prints. Every student who submitted work had at least one piece showcased. President of LAC Martha Hall (‘18) has spearheaded the gallery exhibition and is happy with the project’s methods. She hopes future shows will continue to be successful.

“We thought that it would be a good idea for students to submit three to five pieces, and we chose one from each person so we could include everyone,” Hall said. “We hope that there will be even more [submissions] for the next show.”

The Gregerson Gallery is the wall across from Sunnyside Café in the Center for the Arts (CFA). This spot in particular offers a central location that has plenty of foot traffic. While the current exhibition was put together to coincide with the “The Life of Galileo Galilei” performances Oct. 5 through 7 and Luther College homecoming, there is no central theme to the art. Rather, Hall notes that the focus was to give exposure to student artists. She hopes that future shows can have a central theme to stimulate creativity.

“We’re hoping to do a theme for a future show because I think that is a really good prompt to start new pieces of artwork that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own,” Hall said.

Hall hopes that the LAC can become a strong advocate for art and artists in the Luther community.

“My personal goal for LAC is connecting the group with the Luther community,” Hall said. “We want to provide art and artistic experiences for students whether they are creating, viewing, or experiencing art.”

One way this goal can be accomplished is to provide new and unique opportunities for student artists beyond meeting with other artists and selling student work. Possible opportunities will include traveling to art museums in the Midwest, organizing fundraisers, hosting figure drawing sessions, and holding future gallery exhibitions. LAC member Iris Johnson (‘20) echoed Hall’s sentiments on why this flurry of ideas and activities, such as the Gregerson student work exhibition, is occurring.

“We are trying to get people involved and do things together to build up an artist community because we are here, and we want people to know we are here,” Johnson said.

A second project already in motion is a collaboration with several social work students who are working on a group assignment regarding community based issues. Social work major Emma Deignan (‘18) reached out to the LAC for the members’ artistic talent. She believes that art has a place in larger communities.

“Integrating art and community together is really important,” Deignan said. “Also, I know that student organizations want opportunities to work together and it will be more effective for us to work together.”

The core purpose of bringing student artists together has not changed. Art major and LAC member Nathan Riley (‘18) notes the primary purpose of the group is still to get student artists together.

“It’s a bunch of artists, not necessarily art majors nor art minors,” Riley said. “It’s also an organized setting for students to talk to other students and artists outside of the classroom setting and get feedback, and just a place to hang out.”

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 7, in Room 119 of the CFA and is open for anyone to attend.

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