Come play in the Doll House of Horror

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Come play in the Doll House of Horror

Cayla Loy (‘20) is  held captive in the doll house.

Cayla Loy (‘20) is held captive in the doll house.

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips

Cayla Loy (‘20) is held captive in the doll house.

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips

Cayla Loy (‘20) is held captive in the doll house.

Kristen Wuerl, Staff Writer

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Welcome all to the doll house of screams and scares.
This was the theme of SPIN Theatre Company’s annual haunted house in Storre Theatre. This year, SPIN’s haunted house took place on Oct. 27 and 28 from 7:30-10:00 p.m. with over 100 people attending total.

SPIN Marketing Director Noah Tiegs (‘20) described what SPIN is.

“SPIN is Luther’s student-run theatre organization,” Tiegs said. “We’re entirely directed, produced, acted, marketed, and built by theatre majors, minors, and non-majors across campus. We have leadership roles for everyone involved, and we love to get everyone involved in our productions.”

SPIN has produced a haunted house in Storre for the past four years.

The haunted house is a fundraiser for SPIN, and the company uses the earnings to pay for rights to perform other shows and to purchase costumes and props.

“[Former Artistic Director of SPIN]Maggie Sulentic (‘16) was really involved in starting the haunted house,” SPIN Artistic Director Laila Sahir (‘18) said. “It came from SPIN wanting to provide a fun, low time commitment experience for people.”

Tiegs enjoys the collaboration that the haunted house brings among students.

“The haunted house is a fun and safe event for people on Halloween weekend,” Tiegs said. “Also, we have people who want to design it, which is a huge asset to the whole project.”

Kristen Wuerl (‘18) | Chips
Emma Brashear (‘18) hosts a broken tea party.

The haunted house theme changes each year. Set designer Andrew Tiede (‘19) decided this year’s theme: the Doll House.

“I personally think doll houses are creepy,” Tiede said. “SPIN allowed me to just go with the theme because I picked it. I specifically like this [haunted house] project, but I’ve never liked doll houses.”

Tiede began the construction process by choosing the Doll House theme. He then drew floor plans and helped build the set while overseeing lighting and prop placement for the set.

Attendees were first met with screams and poundings from the inside of the haunted house as they paid a $3 entrance fee outside.

SPIN board members asked attendees to not touch the actors while walking through the house, and actors were instructed to not touch the attendees either.

“[Campus] Safety and Security know [the haunted house] happens, so they always do a walk-through of the haunted house,” Sahir said. “They always tell [those in charge of the haunted house] no touching [of the actors or attendees] and to make sure everyone knows where the emergency exits are. We want to make sure everything is really well maintained for the safety of both [attendees and actors].”

Once attendees entered Storre Theatre, the haunted house began with Cayla Loy (‘20) wrapped in caution tape hiding under the stairs and pleading for help. Attendees then entered walled-off sections where characters played with dolls, ate dolls, and hosted a tea party with dolls.

The haunted house ended with a jump scare by actor and makeup designer Tanner Huppert (‘18) dressed in a mask with needles protruding from it.

“I have a sick sense of humor,” Huppert said. “I like scaring people and catching them off guard.”

Attendees Iris Johnson (‘20), Morgan Seemann (‘20), and Sarah Jennings (‘20) were startled by their experience in the haunted house.

“I didn’t think the actor at the end would jump out at me right away,” Jennings said. “I turned around and he was coming towards me. Then I saw his face with all the needles sticking out of it.”

Johnson was literally knocked off her feet at the haunted house.

“At first, I wasn’t feeling anything,” Johnson said. “Then, on the ground, I saw some crumpled up clothing, and I thought ‘nobody is there.’ Then it moved and shot up, and I fell over. Everyone kept in character and was kind of scary-laughing at us. It was a blast.”

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