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No excuses for saying the n-word

Steffert Michael Thadeo Spencer (‘18)

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Stop saying n***a if you are not black.

Just like other students, I like to go to Scoes on Saturdays to have a good time with my friends. It is fun to dance around and sing along to Spotify’s top 40 bops (no shade).

There is just one problem. I have come to realize that some students blatantly yell n***a without hesitation when it is being mentioned in a song. It is disrespectful. Claiming that someone can say the world because “it is a part of the song” is not a valid excuse.

I do not care if you have slept with a black male or female in the past, or if mentioning the word is somewhat “normal” in your hometown. It also does not matter if you have black friends or that you grew up in an urban area. Using the n-word makes you look ignorant, disrespectful, and racist — even when it is unintentional).

Here in Decorah, there are not a lot of African-Americans. Therefore, some people might get away with saying the n-word. In other parts of the country, people have been beat up for using the word.

I am not saying that it is going to get that serious here, but I want to raise awareness that the use of this word is unacceptable. As a white person, you will never face the same issues I face; you will not get “randomly selected” by the airport security.

Do not say the n-word if you are not ready for black people to confront you at ‘Scoes, or wherever you are at. Keep the six letter word out of your mouth, and keep it moving.

Steffert Michael Thadeo Spencer (‘18)

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