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Norse of the Week: Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21)

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Norse of the Week: Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21)

Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21).

Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21).

Ben Selcke (‘18) | Chips

Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21).

Ben Selcke (‘18) | Chips

Ben Selcke (‘18) | Chips

Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21).

Ben Selcke, Sports Editor

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Linnea Lee-Brown (‘21), a first-year student at Luther, has already proven herself in the pool, winning both the 50 and the 100 meter freestyle in the past two swim meets. She has also competed on several successful relays teams.

What events do you swim?

Lee-Brown: I primarily swim the sprint freestyle and the butterfly, so I swim the 50 free, the 100 free, and the 100 fly, as well as the fly in the medley relay and the freestyle relay. I like feeling powerful and going fast and I have never really had the opportunity to train distance. I got pretty good at sprinting compared to other events so I stuck with it.

What are your goals both, personal and team?

For team goals I love relays. I like working hard on a relay. Our medley relay is doing really well so I’m hoping when we get to the [Liberal Arts Championships] I want to do well for my relays and swim well for the team. Personal goals, it’s kind of a long shot at this point but I do want to go to nationals. We’ll see what happens.

What do you like about swimming at Luther?

I really like the team. Practices suck in a good way, they hurt but the team is such a good family and everyone encourages everyone else and were always there for each other. It’s just fun to be at practice because of them.

How do you prepare for a swim meet?

The women’s team does a cheer in the locker room and that really helps me get pumped for the meet. [Also], our walk out process at home meets is fun. We all have [another] Luther cheer that we do together. Before each race, I swim the race in my head and get ready for the event.

Why did you start swimming?

I watched Olympic diving and really wanted to dive but didn’t have the opportunity to, so I did the closest thing to diving. I swam.

Who is you favorite swimmer and why?

I like Katie Ledecky and Rebecca Soni, both are Olympic swimmers. They’re great people because they have great personalities and gitudes towards everything, as well as being good role models for swimming.

How does swimming at a different venue affect your performance?

I don’t think it really does, unless there’s a something different with the pool. Sometimes the chlorine levels might be different or the water will feel different. The thing that mainly affects me is the temperature of the water. If the water is too warm I perform slower.

What’s your favorite sports brand?

I like Speedo. As far as non-swimming brands go, Nike is good. They make comfortable things, but otherwise it’s definitely Speedo.

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