Apple products reinforce implicit classism

Shasa Sartin, Features Editor

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Team iPhone or team Android? I️ have been a proud member of Team iPhone since 2011 with the launch of the iPhone 3GS. Like most of my teammates on the cross country team, I do not really know why I am on team iPhone.

Since my iPhone 6S was acting up all summer — just like my iPhone 6 did before that, and my iPhone 5S before that — I decided I needed a new phone. I was not able to make calls, the messages app crashed constantly, and I had no storage space left because it was a mere 16 gigabytes. I began researching the iPhone 7S Plus and compared it to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which came out around the same time and is the biggest competition for the iPhone. I watched numerous YouTube review videos — as we all should — comparing and contrasting the two phones, as if I was actually going to consider the Galaxy.

Obviously I chose the iPhone 7S Plus and not because of the characteristics. I chose it because of the brand. I thought about my friends destroying me for having an Android. They might taunt me for snapchat videos that look like “WWII war footage,” green messages instead of the beautiful aqua blue of an iMessage, and slightly three dimensional emoijs instead of the regular iOS version.

I think the reason society is obsessed with iPhones is the reason we are obsessed with Macs and Apple in general: the companies sell us luxury and the “best of the best.” A common joke is a screencap of someone on iMessage who received a green text message. The caption states “I don’t speak broke [expletive].” This basically means if you have an Android, do not even text me.

Minneapolis rapper Drelli literally has a song called “If your texts GREEN…we can’t be SEEN.” The song is a bop, for one. Secondly, the hook goes “never touch a [expletive] with an Android, I got too many options.” While this song and the aforementioned tweet are mostly jokes, we know that the jokes people tell reveal a truth they may not have the strength to own up to. America hates poor people, and for some reason we associate not owning this particular kind of smartphone with not having money.

This is just like high school when kids were scoffed at for wearing Xhilration brand boots instead of UGG’s, donning a Columbia fleece instead of a North Face, and having Old Navy jeans instead of Hollister. The jacket kept them just as warm, the jeans fit just as well, and the boots protected them from the snow. A Galaxy S8 will make just as many phone calls, take even better pictures, and even scan my eyeballs to unlock it. Maybe it would work for more than six months, too.

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