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Luther takes a swing at lacrosse

Fallon Cassidy (‘19) and Frances Rhodes (‘20) practice lacrosse skills by Lindeman Pond.

Fallon Cassidy (‘19) and Frances Rhodes (‘20) practice lacrosse skills by Lindeman Pond.

Elizabeth Hand (‘21) | Chips

Elizabeth Hand (‘21) | Chips

Fallon Cassidy (‘19) and Frances Rhodes (‘20) practice lacrosse skills by Lindeman Pond.

Elizabeth Hand, Staff Writer

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As of this fall Women’s Lacrosse, though not officially recognized, is hoping to become an official club and compete by spring. In past years, the club has not been officially recognized because there was not enough campus interest.

Fallon Cassidy (‘19) started the women’s lacrosse club which is open to people of all experience levels. Currently, the club has 10 members.

Cassidy was inspired to create the lacrosse club because after competing in sports in high school, quitting them in college was difficult.

“I have missed my sport a lot since coming to college,” Cassidy said. “The biggest challenge is getting enough interest in the sport in general. It is really popular in Minnesota, and when I came to Iowa it was a big change.”

In order to compete in the spring and be considered a club at Luther, Cassidy will need at least 11 members. However, they would like to have more in order to have substitutes during games.

Cassidy explained some of the misconceptions about lacrosse. According to Cassidy, it is easy to pick up and is a sport that she describes as “hockey in the air”.

“The sport isn’t as hard to learn as everyone thinks,” Cassidy said. “By just learning the basics of catching and throwing you will have plenty of time to learn the game before the season starts in the spring.”

Cassidy understands the busy schedules of students at Luther. They currently practice twice a week for an hour, and during their season this schedule will increase to three or four times per week.

“It’s not the huge time commitment of a varsity sport, but you still get to play and compete against other schools,” Cassidy said. “Students will like that it is not as time demanding and we are really flexible with people’s schedules.”

New club members Anna Barton (‘20) and Brooke Johnson (‘20) look forward to having more women join the lacrosse team.

“It is easy to pick up and we’d love for anyone to come,” Johnson said. “It is a fun thing to do and a great way to spend your time.”

Barton had not played lacrosse prior to joining the club but found it easy to pick up thanks to coaching from the other players.

“We are really focused on the official Division III sports here, and it is definitely a good thing to change things up and have more clubs,” said Barton.

Cassidy is aslo working to get a field on lower campus painted for lacrosse because the lines on a lacrosse field are different than other sports. They hope to accomplish this in time for the upcoming season.

The women’s lacrosse club will play four to five competitive games in the spring.

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