Luther needs to value all extracurriculars equally

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A few weekends ago, Luther’s Mock Trial teams traveled to St. Olaf College to compete in their annual invitational tournament. Both teams were competing exceptionally well, with the A team ranking first after Saturday’s rounds. Unfortunately, on Sunday we were forced to leave early, disqualifying both teams, in order to return for Christmas at Luther rehearsal later that night. Staying the last round had the potential of making our choir students 30 minutes late for Sunday night rehearsal, but that was deemed unacceptable. And this is not the first issue we have had with the music department this semester. Additionally, those who participate in music potentially run the risk of losing their scholarhips.

We, as proud students, understand that music is a critical part of Luther’s culture and history, as well as a draw for financial support. However, Luther is supposed to be a place that encourages all disciplines, not just the music department. This does not reflect the values of Luther that we expected when we decided to attend. Luther should encourage students to participate in multiple activities across all disciplines, especially as a liberal arts college. Luther’s mission statement says, “As a liberal arts college, Luther is committed to a way of learning that moves us beyond immediate interests and present knowledge into a larger world — an education that disciplines minds and develops whole persons equipped to understand and confront a changing society.” Luther is supposed to strive to educate students in many areas in order to help them become well-rounded individuals. Unfortunately, we do not see this in practice. Instead, some departments are favored at the great expense of others.

Mock Trial is a growing program that has great potential. Had our teams stayed for the last round on Sunday November 19, six of our members could have won individual awards and both of our teams could have made the top 10, if not the top five out of 30 teams. As a team we work extremely hard to represent our college well, but we are not always allowed the opportunity to do so. As concerned students, we are speaking not only for our organization but for any organization that has been affected by this circumstance. We only wish that all members of the faculty and administration of Luther College would take the time to remember the mission of our college and the extensive benefits of a true liberal arts education.


Anika Nelson (‘19) and Claire Eichhorn (‘19)

Captains of Luther College Mock Trial

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