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“I feel like Luther does put more emphasis on Music than other activities. I feel like a lot of it has to do with how there’s more people that are a part of music ensembles here, so they do emphasize them more. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. Compared to sports teams there is probably a similar number of people in sports and music, but even then I do still think that Luther emphasizes music.”

-Landon McNamer (‘19)

“I think that sometimes sports are given a lot of attention and funds whereas other academic extracurricular activities should be given more priority. Sometimes there is a focus on things that get people’s attention rather than things that could help the Luther community develop in terms of academics.”

-Mauricio Belmar (‘18)

“Especially since biology and music are the two biggest majors at Luther, those are the two things that Luther values the most. Being a music education major, I know that we get a lot of privileges that some other majors don’t get. It’s really nice and really awesome and I love it, but I know some people who wish they had as much as the music department does.”

-Miranda Poncelet (‘18)

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