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Residence Life announces Baker Village will do away with double rooms next year, cites student preference and low enrollment

Currently, Baker Village can house up to 112 students.

Currently, Baker Village can house up to 112 students.

Gillian Klein ('20) | Chips

Gillian Klein ('20) | Chips

Currently, Baker Village can house up to 112 students.

Gillian Klein, Staff Writer

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Baker Village, a senior housing option at Luther, will be offering only single rooms for the 2018-19 school year due to student preferences and decreasing enrollment.

The village-style homes currently have six units with four bedrooms and 12 units with six bedrooms. There are also two units with two bedrooms. Both four and six room units house six students. One hundred and twelve students may live in the Baker homes if they are filled to capacity, and there are currently 106 residents housed in Baker this semester.

Originally, Baker was built to only offer singles. A shortage of rooms led to the decision to offer four bedroom units to four or six residents. Room-draw packets released Feb. 7 announced that Baker rooms would be returning to exclusively single rooms. This was the first time many students were made aware of the changes. For Christopher Lange-Pearson (‘19) it was not publicized enough.

“I searched for anything about Baker singles for 15 minutes, and I could not find anything,” Lange-Pearson said. “The lack of publicizing is probably not a benefit as it creates a disconnect between the students and administration.”

Lange-Pearson was not the only student who was confused. Other students indicated a concern about what effect this would have on the 2018-19 room draw process. Morgan Streyle (‘19) shared her concerns.

“The change was okay for my group because our six-person became a four-person recently,” Streyle said. “For other groups it’s now more of an issue because[we think] it is going to be more difficult to secure a six-person Baker.”

The new policy led other students to speculate about why Residence Life implemented the changes. Ryne Hanson (‘18) commented as to why he believes there are different housing options being offered this upcoming year.

“Baker’s not the only dormitory facing low residency: Brandt’s quads are filled with two or three people instead of four,” Hanson said. “It’s possible that attendance is declining because tuition prices have increased for most private schools.”

Assistant Dean for Student Life and Director of Residence Life Kris Franzen commented on the effect enrollment has in the housing options offered each year.

“When we made the change to increasing the units from four person to six person units in Baker, we had students living in study lounges on campus,” Franzen stated. “So yes, enrollment has played a role in housing options over my eleven years in residence life at Luther.”

According to Franzen, enrollment affects housing every year, and enrollment in the past five years has seen a steady decline.

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