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New Board of Regents members aim to further Luther values

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New Board of Regents members aim to further Luther values

Shannon Duval ('95).

Shannon Duval ('95).

Photo courtesy of Catholic Health Initiatives

Shannon Duval ('95).

Photo courtesy of Catholic Health Initiatives

Photo courtesy of Catholic Health Initiatives

Shannon Duval ('95).

Gillian Klein, Staff Writer

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Luther’s Board of Regents recently elected two new members to their committee: Shannon Duval (‘95) of Castle Rock, Colorado and Anjie Shutts (‘93) of Des Moines, Iowa.

The board is a major decision-making body on Luther’s campus, and the addition of new members creates more voices representing Luther College. President Paula Carlson explained the function of the board.

“Our contribution to the college is important because we are responsible for the wellbeing and future of the college,” Carlson said.

The process to identify and recruit board members begins with the Institutional Planning and Board Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents. It is through this smaller board with the help of President Carlson that prospective individuals are presented to the larger Board for nominations.

Those nominated are elected by current board members. According to President Carlson, Shutts and Duval fit the candidate profile needed for membership.

“Mrs. Duval’s special knowledge she brings to the board is the role of philanthropy and ensuring the strength of nonprofit organizations,” Paulson said. “Mrs. Shutt’s is bringing us legal knowledge: the critical skills and knowledge of the legal environment in Iowa.”

Duval graduated from Luther in 1995, received a master’s degree from Indiana University in higher education administration and philanthropic studies, and moved to Denver to focus on the field of philanthropy. According to Duval, working in philanthropy gave her the opportunity to reflect on the fiscal aspects of the college and how she, as a new board member, can address these issues at Luther.

Photo courtesy of Anjie Shutts (’93)
Anjie Shutts (’93).

“College is one of the largest investments students make fiscally,” Duval said. “It’s about investing for the next chapters of your life and as students’ leader, I want to keep that in mind.”

Currently, Duval serves as the president and chief development officer for the National Catholic Health Initiatives Foundation. Duval highlighted how her work in philanthropy can apply to the Board’s role in telling the Luther narrative.

“My previous work in nonprofit organizations helps build the Luther story,” Duval said. “How we attract investment in Luther is part of that story, and I think I have a skill set in helping us do that.”

Shutts currently works as a family law attorney at Whitfield & Eddy Law Family Law Practice Group. Shutts emphasized the exciting and opportunity-rich education she wants to help Luther provide for current and prospective students.

“Parents are looking for the best value [in colleges] and students are searching, too,” Shutts said. “I want to be a good steward to the college, especially at a time when higher education is being challenged to improve its system.”

The Board’s main role is advising President Carlson and the senior board in making decisions to uphold the school’s mission. According to Shutts, part of upholding this mission is listening to and advocating for all voices on campus.

“We want to include every voice on campus from faculty to student,” Shutts said. “Business at Luther College goes beyond educating young people in their majors, but also asking ourselves: ‘What can we offer students beyond just going to class and getting a degree?’”

President Carlson commented on the Board’s anticipation of this new initiative.

“We have taken the wisdom of the community and put them in this plan,” Carlson said. “This plan will strengthen Luther College for the future and the board is eager to begin implementing this across campus.”

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