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Odell Bizzell speaks to the value of dreams

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Odell Bizzell speaks to the value of dreams

Odell Bizzell connected Martin Luther King Jr's dreams with student's dreams.

Odell Bizzell connected Martin Luther King Jr's dreams with student's dreams.

Cara Keith (‘21) | Chips

Odell Bizzell connected Martin Luther King Jr's dreams with student's dreams.

Cara Keith (‘21) | Chips

Cara Keith (‘21) | Chips

Odell Bizzell connected Martin Luther King Jr's dreams with student's dreams.

Cara Keith, Staff Writer

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Nationally-reknowned blogger, rapper, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and internet personality Odell Bizzell gave his presentation “Keeping the Dream Alive: Four ways to model Dr. King’s dream to achieve your own” on Feb. 20.

The event, which was sponsored by the Student Activities Council Impact (SACI) drew in around 35 students and community members were in attendance.

Bizzell’s lecture focused on four ways to model our dreams after Martin Luther King Jr.’s. According to Bizzell, this includes elevating your influence, being clear and disciplined, finding your passion, and understanding and practicing diversity.

To open his presentation, Bizzell played one of his songs for the audience. Bizzell used this song to illustrate the overall theme of his speech. The main message of the song was that saying your dreams out loud can sound crazy.

The song carried a powerful message for attendee Morgan King (‘19).

“When he played his hip-hip song, I really liked that the focus of it is if we wrote down our dreams, we’d all seem a little crazy,” Morgan King said. “That concept to me was really amazing because I think it is true that from an outside perspective, a lot of our individual dreams seem so obscure and so hard to accomplish. But internally those dreams seem so possible and real to us.”

Photo courtesy of Odell
Odell Bizzell is a nationally-known motivational speaker.

After playing his song, Bizzell spoke about Martin Luther King Jr. and his effect on the Civil Rights Movement. Bizzell highlighted the fact that during the March on Washington Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech was a small portion of the entire event rather than the main focus. Bizzell asserted that this was an example of how actions can always have an impact others, no matter the circumstances.

Bizzell highlighted the importance of finding inspiration for goals and how to use it to achieve said goals. Bizzell spoke to his own goals and growth.

“I knew I wanted to own my own business, and I knew I wanted to do things on my own terms, but I didn’t really know how until I met my mentor,” Bizzell said. “He was doing a presentation on something and he said, ‘perfected passion produces prosperity.’ Your passion is the gift that God gave you and what you do with that is your gift back to God. After that, I decided I wanted to speak and write.”

Bizzell explained his desire to live up to the legacy of his grandfather, his namesake. Bizzell discussed his desire to create his own legacy for his descendants.

Bizzell highlighted the significance of recognizing and understanding diversity and cultural differences.

Attendee Tiwonge Chirwa (‘19) felt that Bizzell’s presentation affected the audience.

“I feel that those who attended the talk felt inspired,” Chriwa said. “He talked a lot about education, especially in history, as being a powerful tool that would help people to understand the full picture in terms of understanding other cultures.”

Bizzell concluded his presentation with a Q-and-A-session about related topics.

Morgan King commented on what she would have changed about the presentation.

“I wish more people were there,” King said. “I wish there was a greater attendance because I thought there was just a very hopeful attitude for a lot of things going on in the world right now.”

After his presentation at Luther, Bizzell traveled to speaking engagements in North Dakota, California, and Minnesota.

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