We need a Luther College Republicans club

Geoffrey Dyck (‘18)

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It is no secret that we have a politically left-leaning campus, but that is not because everyone on this campus is liberal. There are plenty of conservatives at Luther.

However, why is it that we do not have a Luther College Republicans club and have two liberal clubs: Luther College Democrats and Luther College Young Democratic Socialists?

As a Democrat, this frustrates me. Dialogue on this campus leans only one way when it comes to politics and that is a problem. Liberals are trapped in a bubble of confirmation bias with little to no pushback and seldom have the opportunity to either have their beliefs challenged or have them strengthened through debate.

When I spent a semester in D.C., I met both liberals and conservatives who went to colleges that fostered healthy political discussions and saw firsthand how such conversations could occur at Luther College.

Thankfully, steps are already being taken. The Center for Ethics and Public Engagement (CEPE) have started a Red/Blue dialogue series and has already seen success. That being said, as amazing as the CEPE is, they cannot do this by themselves.

It is up to the students to foster this environment. I am calling on conservatives and/or Republicans to stand up and create a Luther College Republicans club.

I know for a fact that smart conservatives/Republicans exist on this campus. In fact, I have had many discussions with some of them. I know that they could easily hold their own in a political dialogue at Luther.

I understand why they would be scared or think that stating their beliefs would not be worth it but for the benefit of both liberals and conservatives on this campus, we need to create more political dialogues. This starts with the creation of a Luther College Republicans club.


Geoffrey Dyck (‘18)

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