Luther is stronger than the hate incident

Brady Uekert

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As we settle into the aftermath of the hateful events that took place on the football field on March 11, it seems that there has now been a lull of action among students and faculty here at Luther College. There is struggle in all adverse events that take place in the world. That is just a fact.

Sometimes we do not understand how to deal with these types of events that occur. Maybe fear has some part to play in this issue, but I think that some part of it may be the shock that something like this could happen so close to home.

I challenge you to think about the effect this has on people of color, our international students, and people with different beliefs than you. Put yourself in their shoes.

Think about the diverse nature of your friend groups you may have had back home and imagine how you would help your friends deal with an act of hate such as this had it been directed toward them.

We all come to Luther College scared and uncertain of how we will be perceived by our fellow students and classmates and nobody has the right to take that fear and move it into a malevolently constructed issue.

Nobody has the right to try to use these types of events to strike fear into 18-to 22-year-old kids. Not everyone in this world is hateful or spiteful towards people who they see as inferior.

I guess some people feel the need to show more hate to make up for it.

Do not let this issue be lost in the everyday life of us college students. Take time to reflect on the way you treat people.

Say hello to someone you have never met. The realization that needs to be made is that our world is so far from perfect and that this can be clouded by our own personal lives.

This stuff happens every day and in new places every single day. Even the ones you never thought it could. Don’t let this slip from everyday conversation and don’t let this be something that takes the power from your voice or the love in your heart.

And, most importantly, don’t let this be something that keeps you from loving Luther College and your classmates. The acts of cowardly individuals should not paint the picture of who we all are as students here at Luther.

Knock the hatred down. We are stronger than it could ever hope to be.


Brady Uekert (‘20)

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