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Freeda Brook

Freeda Brook in her office in Preus Library.

Freeda Brook in her office in Preus Library.

Emma Busch (‘19) | Chips

Emma Busch (‘19) | Chips

Freeda Brook in her office in Preus Library.

Emma Busch, Staff Writer

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Acquisitions and Resource Management Librarian Freeda Brook grew up in Fairfield, Iowa and has lived in a number of places since then, including Chicago, Seattle, and North Carolina.

“Coming to Luther was sort of like a return to my home state,” Brook said.

Brook majored in political science at Grinnell College as an undergraduate student but was unsure of what career to pursue following graduation.

“I don’t think at the time I really fully realized that [being a] librarian was a job that you could get an education for and move into, so when I found that out I was really intrigued,” Brook said. “That was in 2007, a time when we were, and are still, in a big transition to online. But at the time it felt a little bit newer. There’s a crossover between working with people and connecting them to physical or print information versus online information, and there’s a lot of things at play in that realm that interested me.”

Brook came to Luther three years ago after working at Roosevelt University in Chicago. According to Brook, the liberal arts approach to education drew her to Luther.

“It worked really well for me when I was a student and I really appreciated the liberal arts focus of education, so it was appealing to me to come to a similar type of institution and invest in that,” Brook said.

Brook has a wide variety of duties that include working with the Paideia program; overseeing all of the library’s collections, such as the online sources, databases, journals; and managing all of the library’s book, newspaper, and journal acquisitions. Brook says she enjoys working with students the most.

“It’s really fun to talk to students about their specific research projects and be able to work with them one on one to find the resources that they need and different ways of thinking about their research topics in order to be able to finish their projects,” Brook said.

Brook says that while she enjoys working with first-years and seniors, she would like the opportunity to assist students more in between that time in order to help them build stronger research skills.

“Research is built really well into the curriculum in the first year with Paideia and the senior year with senior projects, but sometimes there will be a couple years where students don’t visit us as much,” Brook said. “So I definitely think it would be good to see students a couple more times. It’s a set of skills that builds on itself, so having more practice is usually better.”

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