Baker and Apartments parking restrictions are necessary

Ben Selcke, Sports Editor

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Students often express concern or displeasure with Luther’s parking policy. However, with a relatively low cost and access to a variety of lots, it actually provides car owners an acceptable number of locations to park their cars. 

As a quick disclaimer, I don’t personally have a vehicle at Luther. Instead, I walk everywhere since I live in Baker Village. Although the walk is pleasant in most weather, it is more difficult than driving a car a half mile down to the pool lot or Regents Center.

The specific permit it seems most people have a problem with is the B permit, specifically for Baker residents and A permits for Apartments residents. The current permit system does not allow students with these permits to park in most campus lots with the exception of the pool and Regents lot. However, those relatively few restrictions are only in effect from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. It is also worth noting they are also only in effect Monday through Friday which leaves the weekends completely open for parking in these lots.

While it is unfortunate students from Baker or apartments aren’t allowed to park in all lots on campus, there is a legitimate reason for this policy. The time restriction is put in place to allow staff, faculty, and visitors who need to be on campus to access parking easily without the crowding of student vehicles. If all students were allowed to park in the same lots without restrictions, people such as visitors or professors would struggle to finding appropriate parking.

Just as there are restrictions as to where Baker and Apartments permits allow students to park on campus, there are general, G permits, that don’t allow students who live on campus to park in Baker. This allows Baker residents easy access to parking, even with the relatively smaller parking lot.

For the cost of one management textbook and half the cost of a biology textbook, a student can park his or her car for a whole semester with few restrictions at a number of different lots. That is a good deal.

Though walking from Baker or Apartments in the winter is not pleasant, spring is coming soon. Next time you think about driving your car a half mile to campus, walk instead. It helps Luther become more sustainable and you won’t have the headache of parking and finding your car at the end of the day.   

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