Pioneers in protest demand change

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In light of the events that occurred last week on campus, the students demand change. The pioneers in the protest have been working to come to an agreed-upon list of demands to submit to the administration.

Although the finalized list of demands remains in the works, the pioneers in change have agreed to release the general requests. There are two goals for the outcome of the demands.

In the short term, the students are requesting changes to Paideia to include a more internationally diverse curriculum and to include guided discussions on the international conflicts presented within each text. The students are also demanding a committee with student representatives to oversee the future of international curriculum changes.

Secondly, the students demand an explanation, be it academic or informal, as to why the events on campus are deemed a bias incident instead of racist or even discriminatory when according to Iowa state law all three incidents are defined as hate crimes.

The students are also demanding not the name of the culprit, but the reparations that the students will be facing to be made public or disclosed to the students in charge of the protests and subsequent demands.

As for some of the long-term goals, the students are demanding and have begun a consolidation of student orientation. It is abundantly clear that the separated orientation of international, Chicago, and the rest of the students that are to begin their first year at Luther fosters an environment and belief that the students shall always be integrated separately or remain on separate levels of campus.

Furthermore, the students have begun to question the effect that the current policy in regard to faculty tenure has had on the events at large. In order to force professors to also take part in the curriculum change and to make it obligatory for the professors to take similar diversity courses, they must provide proof that they have taken such courses in their portfolio to move forward with tenure.

The students want change. They are working vehemently to demand that change.

The projected date of the finalization of the list of demands is aimed for the end of the semester. They will be gathering continuously until a conclusion is met.


Quinn Chamberlain (‘21)

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