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Frisbee teams host annual showcase on Legacy Field

Cora Egherman (‘19) attemps to throw a frisbee as Alexis Hove (‘18) defends.

Cora Egherman (‘19) attemps to throw a frisbee as Alexis Hove (‘18) defends.

Olivia Enquist (‘19) | Chips

Olivia Enquist (‘19) | Chips

Cora Egherman (‘19) attemps to throw a frisbee as Alexis Hove (‘18) defends.

Olivia Enquist, Staff Writer

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Luther College’s Freya, LUFDA, and Pound ultimate frisbee teams hosted the Ultimate Spring Showcase games on Saturday, May 5. Frisbee players from different teams came together to participate in mixed team scrimmage games on the blue turf field. With music playing in the background, frisbee players swapped sunscreen and discs in Saturday’s 80 degree sunshine.

Freya captain Hanna Doerr (‘19) felt the showcase ended the season nicely.

“The frisbee showcase was a great way to conclude our season,” Doerr said. “We just played in our last tournament the weekend before, so the showcase games were a fun way to keep playing even after our season ended.”

There were three parts to the afternoon’s showcase games. The games began at 1:30 p.m. with LUFDA scrimmaging. From there, Freya scrimmaged around 3:00 p.m. As an end to the afternoon, all three teams combined for a mixed scrimmage at 4:30 p.m.

“The mixed game included players from all three ultimate teams on campus, and it was a really unique experience to play with everyone on the turf,” Doerr said.

Pound captain Ethan Harris (‘18) enjoyed how the event mixed players from different ultimate frisbee teams on campus.

“The turf was really hot, but it was really fun, especially in the mixed game, to see all the teams together,” Harris said. “It’s always great to get a chance to play on the [blue turf].”

The combination of hot weather and full sun meant that the afternoon schedule was informal. Teams stopped for breaks as players came and went, often stopping to talk to people in the stands or to refill their water bottles. LUFDA player Marshall Creech (‘20) mentioned that the sun caused the turf field to heat up while they played.

“The blurf was like 1000 degrees underneath my feet,” Creech said. “Still, it was a lot of fun. I only played in the LUFDA game, but it was great to get a chance to play against my own teammates.”

The showcase was originally designed for the ultimate frisbee teams to generate publicity, while coming together in community to play an afternoon’s worth of games. The event turned into an opportunity for frisbee players to spend time bonding. 

Although the showcase was not highly attended, a smaller group of students came to support friends and classmates later in the afternoon. 

“It definitely appeared as though it was just frisbee,” Harris said. “I think the original intent was for publicity for our teams, but it turned into more of an opportunity for the teams to scrimmage. Some people showed up, but I wasn’t really ever expecting a large crowd of people to be there.”    

Doerr also enjoyed the event. 

“We were excited to hopefully have others on campus get the chance to watch us play and to encourage interest in the sport,” Doerr said. “Overall, it was an enjoyable event that I am hopeful we’ll continue to have it in the future.”

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