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LCDM hosts Donut Dash

Anni Hedges ('22) and Meghan Rice ('22) participate in the Donut Dash.

Anni Hedges ('22) and Meghan Rice ('22) participate in the Donut Dash.

Hope Gilbertson ('22) | Chips

Hope Gilbertson ('22) | Chips

Anni Hedges ('22) and Meghan Rice ('22) participate in the Donut Dash.

Hope Gilbertson, Staff Writer

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On Saturday Oct. 6, Luther College Dance Marathon held its third annual Donut Dash. The Donut Dash was created to encourage Luther students and the Decorah community to get involved in fundraising for LCDM. This event is one of the many fundraisers LCDM puts on each year to raise money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

The Donut Dash offers two options for races: a 5K or one-mile “fun run”. Throughout the race, participants can stop and eat donuts offered at tables along the race pathway. According to the Executive Director of LCDM Haley Steffen (‘19), the amount of donuts participants eat positively affects their overall time.

“At each donut station you have the option to eat donuts and for every donut you eat, you count a minute off your time,” Steffen said. “And then at the very end there will be donut holes that you can pop in your mouth at the very last second and those are worth 15 seconds off your time.”

To keep things fair, the event awards both a “donut” winner and an “actual” winner to those with the best times at the end of the race. Many students don’t run to win the event but instead enjoy the experience the Donut Dash offers. Erin Stasek (‘21) and Kalie Debelak (‘21) ran the 5K together as a bonding experience with friends.

“I was choking on a donut for a second there, but I really enjoyed running with my friends for a good cause,” Stasek said. “It was so worth it to struggle running for the first time in forever to support the Dance Marathon.”

Many students who participated in the Donut Dash ran to support the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. According to Morale and Recruitment Leader for LCDM Jackson Robelia (‘21), the money raised this year is going to a unique part of the hospital.

“An exciting new thing we have this year is that all the money we raise goes to the music therapy and child life programs,” Robelia said. “We thought that would really connect with the Luther students since we have such huge music programs here.”

According to Steffen, this program has achieved some large accomplishments in the past.

“A couple years ago all of our money raised went to fund one of the patient rooms in the hospital when the hospital was officially opened,” said Steffen. “So we have a floor that has the Luther College name next to it.”

Overall the Donut Dash is one of the many events LCDM puts on every year in order to get students involved and to fundraise for a cause. This event gave Elizabeth Hand (‘21) the opportunity to try something new as well as have a good time.

“I’ve never run a 5K before, so I was really excited to do this,” Hand said. “Plus it’s for Dance Marathon, so it’s a good cause, and it was really fun with all my good friends.”

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