The importance of engaging in dialogue

Katrina Meyer, News Editor

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The opinion section of Chips is a really valuable community forum. Even though it may not seem like it, people really do read and even act on pieces that have been written. I have gotten a lot of feedback to some of the pieces that I have written, and that feels nice. It really is a valuable resource, and it is one that has been with Chips for a long time.

My grandpa is a member of the Luther class of 1951, and he tells me stories about how he and other students would engage in dialogue about important issues to the community. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be a trend that has continued. There are some students who take advantage of the platform that Chips offers, but for the most part, it is the Chips editorial staff that submits pieces. There are a lot of valuable thoughts and opinions on campus, and they should be represented by more than the same six to eight people.

It’s time to get some fresh, new voices on compelling issues. As students, it is easy to fall into a pattern of not paying enough attention or spending enough time thinking about important issues. We are all super busy with tests, homework, reading, papers, and applications. We tend to narrow our focus to just getting through the semester and maybe one other thing. During the fall semester, that one other thing I focus on is Notre Dame football. And if you are wondering if it is possible for me to write an entire opinion piece on Notre Dame, it definitely is, and I have considered doing just that on many occasions. But, I also sadly acknowledge that no one would want to read an opinion piece on Notre Dame football. There are many more important issues out there, so please pick one that you are passionate about and submit it (or if you are as excited as I am that Notre Dame is undefeated through eight games, write a piece on that too)! It is a fantastic opportunity to start community discussion about something important to you.

As a staff, we would love for people to submit opinion pieces on things on campus or in the world in general that they care deeply about. We really want to hear your voices and provide a platform for students to engage with different ideas and with each other. That is what the opinion section should be. So, please, if you feel passionate about something, let us know. You can submit opinion pieces to [email protected] They should be around 400-700 words, and they should be submitted by 5 p.m. the Sunday before you would like them to come out.

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