Brenna Sherman (‘19) and Michael Winkler (‘19) receive music awards

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Brenna Sherman (‘19) and Michael Winkler (‘19) receive music awards

Michael Winkler (‘19) participates in a master class.

Michael Winkler (‘19) participates in a master class.

Annika Vande Krol (‘19) I Photo Bureau

Michael Winkler (‘19) participates in a master class.

Annika Vande Krol (‘19) I Photo Bureau

Annika Vande Krol (‘19) I Photo Bureau

Michael Winkler (‘19) participates in a master class.

Linh Do, Staff Writer

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Brenna Sherman (‘19) was given the Theodore Presser Award and Michael Winkler (‘19) was awarded the Richard C. and Joann M. Hemp Family Prize at the homecoming concert in the Center for Faith and Life Main Hall on Oct. 28.

The Theodore Presser Award has a long history with more than 50 Presser Scholars among Luther music alums. The Presser Award is funded by the Presser Foundation of Haverford, Pennsylvania. It is awarded annually to an outstanding senior majoring in music, chosen by the music faculty who vote based on exceptional academic and musical ability.

Sherman is excited about receiving the Theodore Presser Award.

“I was completely overwhelmed to receive the award,” Sherman said. “It was so amazing. I felt very good and having my family there was very important to me. Very overwhelming but yes, so wonderful.”

Sherman previously served as a Music Department Student Representative for the 2017-18 academic year. Sherman has received several other honors, including the Weston Noble Music Scholarship, and the Forde-Preus Music Scholarship, the John H. Monson Endowed Fund for International Education. She is also currently the secretary of the Future Music Educators Association.

Nathan Riley (‘18) I Photo Bureau
Brenna Sherman (‘19) performs with the Luther College Symphony Orchestra.

Professor of Music Carol Hester (‘95) appreciates Sherman’s personality and the joy she brings to the process of learning.

“[Sherman] is supportive of her peers and other students in the class,” Hester said. “She’s very energetic and very joyful. [Sherman]’s going to be a great music educator. She’s just really inspiring.”

Sherman is thankful for her journey at Luther. Upon graduation, Sherman will begin student teaching in Seoul, South Korea next semester.

“I’m hoping to lean towards more teaching, but I expect to always continue learning and asking for help and continue my growth as a musician,” Sherman said.

The Hemp Family Prize for Orchestral Performance is a relatively new scholarship prize funded through an endowment established by Richard (‘64) and Joann (Harr) Hemp (‘65). The prize is awarded annually to a senior student in the Symphony Orchestra based on a nomination and audition the previous spring. The award recognizes exceptional performance, talent, musicianship, and leadership in the ensemble.

Winkler has been in the Symphony Orchestra as a principle trumpet player for four years. He is honored and grateful to have received the prize.

“It feels great,” Winkler said. “It’s an honor to be a part of that because we have to get nominated and then audition from there. Being nominated itself was a huge honor but being able to be selected was really cool.”

Professor of Music Daniel Baldwin describes Winkler as an exceptional musician, trumpeter, and music student. Baldwin expressed gratitude to this award.

“We are extremely fortunate to have friends such as Richard and Joann Hemp, whose extravagant generosity has made possible the Hemp Orchestra Prize,” Baldwin said.

Winkler credits his years of leadership experience in Symphony Orchestra as a big factor in him receiving the Hemp Family Prize.

According to Associate Professor of Music John Cord, Winkler’s hard work shows his determination to learn and explore different aspects of trumpet performance as a musician.

“[Winkler]’s very well skilled in multiple aspects of musicianship whether it’s classical playing, symphonic playing, [or] jazz playing,” Cord said. “This award is a great acknowledgment of his hard work [and] will motivate him to continue doing what he has been doing.”

Winkler is currently applying to graduate schools to continue his journey as a professional musician and is grateful to have received the Hemp Family Prize.

“Just the prestige that comes with [the award] helps me a lot [in] moving forward,” Winkler said. “Being able to say that I’m associated with the Hemp Family and receive this award is very important.”

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