KWLC: Talk Show Night Center

Natalie Nelson, Staff Writer

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Four KWLC talk shows took over Marty’s on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 6pm for the first ever Live Talk Show event. The shows, which included “Two Guys One Studio”, “Norse News”, “Sports Talk”, and “Politics and Comedy”, each showcased a half hour segment including a sample of the usual show and interactive games for the live audience such as trivia and a dating game. The show also featured a performance from the a capella group Bromatic Progression.

“The shows are more condensed, so it’s kind of like a highlight of what we do,” KWLC News Co-Director and Bromatic Progression member Nathan Schulte (‘20) said. “Where we would normally have an hour long show with different song breaks in between, they’re condensed [to] 30 minute shows with all the highlights of your favorite segments.”

The show was broadcasted through a livestream and on 1240 AM radio, similarly to KWLC’s annual Rock the Commons event.

KWLC Co-News Director Dirk Umbanhowar (‘20) said the purpose of the event was to raise awareness for KWLC, especially the talk shows, because they do not get as much exposure as the KWLC music shows. Umbanhowar planned to interact with the audience and keep them interested.

“We realize it’s not the most fun thing to sit and listen to people talk for hours, so we wanted to make sure that there [was] audience engagement too,” Umbanhowar said. “We actually [had] our reporters go around Marty’s and do live reports from around the area. We also [had] an interview with Janet Irankunda (‘19), the student body president.”

Umbanhowar suggested that KWLC revive the idea for the event, which was originally conceived by last year’s News Director and Station Manager Colin Landsteiner (‘18) and Aaron Shouse (‘18). The planning and coordination of the talk shows took a month and a half.

“It was open to everybody [at KWLC],” Umbanhowar said. “We didn’t make everybody do it, understanding that some people might not be the most comfortable in front of an actual live audience on stage. Those are the four that reached out to us and those are the four we decided to put up.”

Throughout the event, the talk shows hosted interactive games for audience members to participate in. “Two Guys One Studio” hosted a comedic dating show segment where audience member Aaron Marx (‘21) interviewed three men in order to decide which one to date. Audience members and listeners were also encouraged to participate in the talk shows and interact with the hosts.

Schulte wanted the event to be a celebration of the work the talk show hosts have done at KWLC this semester. He hopes students will begin to listen to the station more places around campus.

“Our longest battle has been ‘Why is KWLC not playing in the cafeteria when they are playing a radio station?’,” Schulte said. “It just seems a little rude. That’s something that is going to get easier, because we just got the capabilities to have automated streaming all day where we can program songs, so the Caf might be more willing to play our station now that there’s going to be stuff on all day, they don’t have to change it.”

KWLC also brought in Bromatic Progression and Irankunda to better publicize the event. “We’re just trying to get as many different parts of campus involved as possible,” Schulte said. “That’s why we wanted to get some diverse shows on so that we can get different people involved and try to get as many people there as possible.”

Irankunda was interviewed by Schulte and Umbanhowar for Norse News and was appreciative to KWLC for giving Student Senate a place to share with the broader Luther community.

“It was cool to have the ability to share with our student body about the work that we’ve been doing,” Irankunda said. “I hope that people take this as an invitation to become more involved in making changes to the community we love so much.”

Irankunda stayed to watch other segments and thought the show was interesting to watch, especially the live updates of what was happening around different parts of Marty’s.

“We have some really talented people in our midst and I hope that our hosts one day pursue something in radio because they were wonderful,” Irankunda said.

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