The importance of student-run publications

Cara Keith, Features Editor

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Today, I am here to talk about why student newspapers are vital to college campuses everywhere. I’m going to preface this opinion piece by admitting that I may be a bit biased when it comes to student newspapers, as I am the features editor at Chips. At the same time, my position at Chips allows me to see the reach that the newspaper has on campus and beyond which is why I’m here to encourage students to try something crazy: pick up a copy of Chips and read it.

Student-run newspapers are powerful for multiple reasons. First, they allow for open communication surrounding different events that take place on campus. In the A&E section, you’ll find stories on the plays, art exhibits, concerts that your busy schedule did not permit you to attend. In the sports section, you’ll find the score from the game you forgot to go to. News updates you on current campus events that will most likely be brought up in conversation with your peers and the features section will shine a light on people and events that you’ve never been made aware of before. 

Take advantage of this. Chips is free. Pick up a copy, skim through it, and learn a little bit about what is happening on campus because honestly, being ignorant about everything that’s happening on Luther’s campus isn’t a cute look.

Second, student newspapers like Chips give students a voice. Chips is completely run by students from beginning to end. Students gather story ideas, conduct interviews, compile information, edit stories, create the pages, and distribute the finished product. The stories that you read in Chips are stories that we, as students, decided were important to share. However, this voice isn’t limited only to Chips staff members; anyone can choose to seize power and give themselves a voice by writing for the opinion section of Chips. You might think your voice doesn’t matter but it absolutely does. People are waiting to hear what we have to say and they are listening closely.

Third, we are lucky we’re even allowed to do this. Free speech is a right that not everyone is afforded and we should celebrate how lucky we are by taking full advantage of the opportunities we are granted. For me, this means continuing to contribute my editorial skills to Chips and helping to produce the paper. For you (yes that means you! You, the person currently reading this paper. No, don’t look away or set this down because I am indeed addressing YOU), this means picking up the paper and reading it. Chips only comes out once a week! Copies are located in front of the Caf and other locations in the Union! Just pick it up and read it please! All the benefits the newspaper provides exist only when people interact with the paper.

All I’m saying is that the Chips staff works very hard to provide information to students. I guarantee that the lives of everyone on the Chips staff would be a little bit easier if we didn’t produce a paper every week. But we are all still here. We are not perfect and the papers we produce aren’t either, but we strive to do our best and hope that students continue interacting with the paper in the years to come. Anyways, now that this opinion piece has reached its conclusion, feel free to flip back through the earlier pages and enjoy all that Chips has to offer!

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