It is ok to be passionate about things

Katrina Meyer, News Editor

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Alright, everybody. This is my last opinion piece as an editor for Chips. For the past two and a half years, people have been asking me to write an opinion piece on what everyone knows that I am super passionate about: Notre Dame football. So here we go.

The blue and gold game just happened this past weekend (and the defense won, hurray!), so I am thinking about how excited I am for the coming season. But, I am also haunted by my last memories of watching Notre Dame play. I have blocked most of the details out, but I will share with you my reactions to what I still remember.

The journey to the national championship semifinal was a real rollercoaster. Notre Dame almost lost to their biggest rivals, University of Southern California, but it’s ok. They did not lose, so we don’t have to dwell on that.

Then, I learned that Notre Dame will be playing in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. I knew that I would be staying a mere 13 miles from that stadium with my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Immediately, my entire Christmas wish list changed. All I wanted were tickets. I was elated!

Then, tragedy. I learned that the family Christmas party would be the same day. Not only could I not watch the game live, I couldn’t even wear my lucky jersey because I would have to dress up. These are both serious problems for me. One, I always wear my lucky jersey on game day. It has been at least five years of the same jersey, number 11, quarterback Tommy Rees, every Saturday in the fall. Two, I have no patience with watching a game that has been recorded. If there is information about how Notre Dame is doing, I need to have it RIGHT NOW. It was not going to be possible for me to not know how the game was going before we started watching the recording.

Nevertheless, I began to try to cope with this new reality. Then, one day, about a week before Christmas, my parents gave my sister and I each one Christmas present to open early. I tore the wrapping paper off and opened a shoe box. When I took off the lid, there was a piece of paper that said, “Smith Family Christmas has been moved.” I immediately started hyperventilating. There was only one reason this would be wrapped as a present under the tree. Sure enough, underneath that paper was a ticket to the championship playoff game!

Then, all that was left to do was settle in and wait for the big day. When it finally came, I put on my lucky jersey, my long sleeve Notre Dame shirt, my Notre Dame sweatshirt, my Notre Dame earrings, my Notre Dame socks, and my Notre Dame hat. I was ready to go. We went to the stadium early and had a great time tailgating with friends who had flown in from all over the country. We got to the stadium, found our seats, and got ready for the game. It was an electric atmosphere. Clemson scored the first field goal, but Notre Dame responded immediately. The defense was playing great, and the game was very close and exciting until the final minutes of the second quarter.

I don’t remember anything else. It has been completely blocked out. All I know is that we lost to Clemson by fewer points than Alabama lost to Clemson. As far as I am concerned, that means that we are the number two team in the country, and no one can convince me otherwise.

The point of this whole story is that it is ok to be obsessed with some things. Whether that is “Game of Thrones” or Notre Dame football, everyone should have something that they are unabashedly passionate about.

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