Ditching “True Blue” over emails

Enticed by the idea of a cord at graduation — and also because my parents are Luther alums and have proudly made contributions to Luther in the past — I registered as a True Blue student during graduation preparations. For those who may be unaware, this means I pledge to give back to Luther in the future once I have my life figured out. I was proud to be True Blue, as I am very fond of my experience and my connections at Luther.

I was disappointed, however, to learn that beginning this year, future alums will no longer retain access to their Luther emails. I understand that Luther’s budget is tight, but this is a significant change to the way alums’ emails have been handled in the past.

Removing our access to emails entirely means that any accounts linked to our school emails need to be switched to non-student emails. This is fine too, but having a school email on a resume is admittedly more handy and professional than some random personal email.

I understand if Luther needs to remove alums access to unlimited Google Drive storage. That seems like a fair, cost-saving compromise. Deleting our accounts is a little unorthodox. All of my friends (at larger schools) will retain their emails post-graduation, and schools treat the domain name as a type of free publicity. Their students get a professional email that also serves as a way to show off your alma mater.

I’m proud to be an upcoming alums of Luther, and I want to share the Luther name as I look onward to the future.

This is a very small grievance, and I openly admit that making a big stink over this is probably just an extension of end of year stress. But, I have made my decision to revoke my True Blue pledge, and I invite other seniors to do so as well. Besides, if they delete our emails, how will they get in touch with us during fundraising events?


Alexander Davis (‘19)

[email protected] (for now)

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