In response to “An open letter to whoever left the toilet seat up in Legends the other day”

In response to the opinion piece, we felt it necessary to share our perspective on a few points brought up. When I say, “we,” I am referencing myself, a Student Athlete Advisory Committee sub-committee formed to construct this letter, and the SAAC group which is constructed of two leaders from each team.

Before we go any further, SAAC would like to make clear that we do not condone any form of sexist or offensive behavior. Any issues that do arise in Legends should be immediately reported. Certain types of behavior are unacceptable and should be dealt with immediately.

Luther’s athletic department is extremely proud of the work, progress, and methods implemented into our programs by Director of Athletic Performance Alli Jenicke. In the last five years there have been a lot of changes to help build a strong camaraderie amongst our teams.

Both Jenicke and Director of Legends Fitness Center Miles Clifton serve as directors of Legends. They oversee the student-worker staff to ensure that Legends is clean, organized, and a safe environment for those utilizing the space. To my knowledge, no one has ever been asked to leave a space or equipment to benefit an athlete. Jenicke can support this claim going back to fall of 2016. You should not feel like you have to leave the space because a team comes in. There are a lot of us but you are also entitled to your own space. 

As a part of a team, we train at least three times a week with our sports performance coaches. There are a lot of us that access the equipment in a short amount of time. We know that this presents challenges for other users, but we hope you find us to be willing to share space. We listen to music and cheer each other on as a way to access another level of training. It’s harder to stop when doing so would disappoint more than just yourself.

We understand that this type of environment may not be for everyone, especially those that have not been, nor do not want to be, a part of an athletic team. Hours of when the busier times occur during the day are posted above the water fountains. The busiest times are 6-7:30 a.m. and 3-5 p.m., as this is when teams typically lift. Although we feel that our eagerness and excitement to be in the weight room are major benefits to all of our athletic teams on campus, we are open to suggestions on making Legends a more comfortable place for those who aren’t participating in athletics on campus. As a SAAC group, we are attempting to have the hours posted in additional locations, including online. We have also discussed the possibility of having a few times when current athletes offer to help show non-athletes a few workouts or how to use certain equipment. Again, we are open to suggestions. 

In regards to the toilet seat, the Legends staff can put up a sign to remind people to leave it better than they left it. But as a part of the Luther community, I would hope that respect for others and everything would outrule a sign.


Madilyn Heinke (‘19)

Letter Sub-committee,

and sponsored by SAAC

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