Luther students are apathetic

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Luther students are pathetic. Wait, I think I mean apathetic. My bad. Did you know that Luther students used to be passionate about everything, from toilet seats to inadequate lecture speakers to peanut butter shakes at Nordic Brew? The opinion section of Chips has long been a way for students to express their burning desire for change on Luther’s campus, or at the very least, is a medium for students to express their disapproval at the fact that Lizzo was not allowed to twerk during her performance on campus and to highlight Sodexo’s relationship to the prison industrial complex. Going back to the archives, a 1922 edition of Chips features a “Student Opinion” piece that urges the men of Luther College to join the Lutheran seminary, which is pretty on brand for Luther. In a 1967 edition of Chips, Stan Nelson (‘69) argues that men and women should be allowed intervisitation in their dorm rooms and that Luther students are capable of handling the new freedom that this intervisitation would bring. In 2015, Olivia Benson (‘18) argued that we should celebrate International Men’s Day with respect because misandry is just as bad as misogyny and that it is important to celebrate good men. I could go on, but I think these examples highlight the way that the opinion section has evolved over time. In this way, the opinion section serves as an archive of Luther’s history by recording what concerns Luther students have had throughout the years. In 40 years, community members may flip back through the archives and see that in 2019, we’re concerned with the wage that work study students are paid and that studying abroad is a privilege, not a right. Although the opinion section is an archive of our history, it also serves a greater purpose. The opinion section creates a dialogue on campus for those who read the paper, and even those who don’t. Currently, the most viewed piece on the Chips website is the opinion piece titled, “An open letter to whoever left the toilet seat up in Legends the other day.” This story has almost two thousand views more than the average Chips story and has created more dialogue than I’ve ever seen in my time at Luther. Do not take your potential influence for granted. I know that Luther students are wildly passionate about a million different things, but nothing will ever change if you keep your opinions to yourself. Right now, the 2019 opinion section is a blank canvas for you to make your mark on and I encourage you to become part of the hundred year old history of both Chips and Luther as a whole. You have the power to be heard whether or not you realize it right now.

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