Quinn XCII performs at the fall concert


Photo courtesy of Photo Bureau

Quinn XCII performs for the call concert in Regents Center.

On Oct. 11 Quinn XCII hit the stage for the annual fall concert sponsored by the Student Activities Committee in Regents Center. In what would be an hour performance with a 15 minute encore Quinn XCII entertained a crowd of over 600 hundred students.

Quinn XCII played songs from his three albums including “Sad Still,”  “Straight Jacket,” and “Another Day in Paradise.” He also performed some covers like “Love Me Less” by MAX and “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. 

Throughout the concert, Quinn XCII interacted with the audience. He engaged with concert goers by telling them to dance and jump around. For Signe Fadness (‘23), Quinn XCII’s stage presence was her favorite part of the concert.

“Best part was when he had us all jump to the left and the right,” Fadness said. “And for how small the crowd felt, he made it work.” 

SAC concerts co-chair Jess Myers (‘21) wanted to bring someone that students did not immediately recognize in order to expose students to new artists.

“He had a couple really big songs that everyone knew but not everyone knew it was him,” Myers said. Myers also spoke of the criteria for choosing artists that perform at these concerts. She said that the committee tries to bring in both old and new artists. 

“Last year we brought T-Pain who I think is more of the throwback because everyone knows him and his older songs,” Myers said. 

She mentions how important students’ voices are in deciding who is brought to campus.

“We just try to get a good representation of all genres on a poll and let their [students] voices be heard and decide who they want.”

The audience was not as large as anticipated, but some students, like Payton Lott (‘23), enjoyed the smaller crowd.  

“It wasn’t huge, but it was a nice crowd of people to make it feel like it wasn’t overly packed.” Lott said.

KeAndre’ Withers (‘23) expressed how he was surprised at the musical style of Quinn XCII, considering the fact that he has not listened to his music before. 

“I’ll be completely honest, I went in there blind,” said Withers . “I didn’t really know who he was, but I was pleasantly surprised and I’m really glad that I went.”

Quinn XCII is a native of  Detroit, MI. Before being known as his current stage name Mikael Temrowski, began making music in high school. His career started in 2014 when he began recording his own music as a sophomore in the University of Michigan. His stage name was originally Mike T, but he later changed it to Quinn XCII. The name is broken down into two parts. Quinn is an acronym that stands for “Quit Unless your Instincts are Never Neglected” and “XCII” is the Roman numeral for 92, the year he was born. 

When asked which other artists should be brought to Luther, Fadness said she would like to see rap artiste Megan Thee Stallion. 

“I love Megan Thee Stallion, she is my favorite rap artist, I can’t even fathom seeing her,” Fadness said. 

Planning for the next concert begins immediately after the current one ends. Committee members meet and decide on artists and send a poll out to campus. The committee holds open meetings which allow students to voice suggestions on which artist should be included in the poll. SAC concerts is currently working on planning the spring concert.

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