Norse of the Week: Shelby Cook


Photo courtesy of Shelby Cook ('22)

Shelby Cook (’22) a women’s tennis player, is the Norse of the Week.

Shelby Cook (’22) finished the conference regular season undefeated in both singles and doubles, taking first in the doubles category in the American Rivers Conference Individual Tournament and second in the singles category. Her only defeat came at the hands of her doubles partner, Devon Bourget (’21).  She helped the Norse to an 8-0 record in conference play and win the ARC Conference Championship. Cook has been named the ARC player of the week twice this year.  

When did you start playing tennis?

I started playing tennis when I was really young, but I only played in the summer because I played in a club.  It wasn’t my main sport, and my parents kind of made me.  I kept playing throughout high school, and it still wasn’t my main sport, and then my senior year I was like, hey, I think I want to keep doing this.  

Why did you come to Luther to play tennis?

I really liked the coach and the team when I came to visit. They were super awesome, and I knew I wanted to play at a small school.


What was your individual record?

I don’t know my overall, but I was undefeated in the conference for singles and doubles, so that was pretty awesome.

How did you perform at the ARC individual tournament?

I got first in doubles and second in singles, and the person who got first in singles was my doubles partner, Devon Bourget.  It went really well, our goal was to play in the finals against each other, so I’m really glad that worked out.  

How did you perform in the ARC as a team?

We were conference champs this year, but there wasn’t a tournament.  We went undefeated in season play.  So we’ll host the tournament in the spring.  

How do you prepare for a match?

It’s a team joke that I’m always the last one on the court because I’m always doing stuff, like putting my contacts in or something like that.  We always have music going, and as a team we have really good energy.  We’re always pumping each other up and cheering each other on during warmups.  

Do you enjoy being around the team?

Oh yeah. They’re my best friends.  They rock.  

Did you accomplish your personal goals during the season?

Yeah, I would say so.  I think even just from last season I’ve gotten so much better.  I guess that’s what college athletics will do to you.  We had a great team season, and I had a good individual one.


When does your spring season start?

It starts in February, right when we get back from J-term.  AWfter that, we’re up and running again. 

How did this season affect your spring season?

Well, we’ll get a better seed for sure.  How it works is you play the conference games in the fall, and how you do seeds you in the spring when we all play each other again in a tournament.  Because we went undefeated in the conference in the fall, we get to host the tournament here at Luther.  The home court advantage will be super nice.  And whoever wins that goes to nationals.  Since we went last year, that’s a big goal for our team this year.  

Are you guys doing anything specific to prepare for that tournament?

We always play matches in Florida during spring break, and we get a lot of matches in during that trip.  We get a lot of training before that.  Right now, we’re not doing anything specific, but soon, yes.  

Who is an athlete that you look up to?

My sister.  I spent my whole life growing up and watching her play sports, so she was always my inspiration to work as hard as her.  She played tennis, but it wasn’t her main sport.  She just did it because she was super athletic.  It didn’t always look the prettiest, but she worked harder than anyone else I ever saw.  She plays basketball at Monmouth now.  

What are you looking forward to during the rest of your time here at Luther?

A few things.  We have a senior that wasn’t here for the fall season because she was in Alaska, and we missed her a lot.  She’ll be back in the spring, and I’m really looking forward to having her back.  I’m really looking forward to going to nationals. I really think we can do it, and going last year was amazing.  I am looking forward to going to the ITA tournament next year, it’s a regional tournament where you get to play schools you wouldn’t normally play from multiple colleges that are really good.  Two men’s players, Cole Schneider (‘21) and Grant Morton (‘21), did really well and are going to Georgia to compete.  Devon and I almost made it, and I feel like we’ve got a really good chance next year.  

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