Luther needs to cool it with all the emails

Hey Luther, nobody cares about your emails.

Where the hell do you get off on sending me a half-dozen emails every day? I don’t read them, and I do not know how anyone could.

I get emails from the Career Center, the REgistrar’s Office, administrative assistants from my major and minor, KATIE submissions, rec services, the bi-weekly bulletin, the mail center, security alerts, and that’s not to mention emails from actual professors. I ought to hire a secretary just to handle the day-to-day operation of my Luther email address, because I don’t have time for it.

Emails from Luther are like an auto-dialer scam, except the scammer already has your money and just wants you to come out and play “wallyball” with them.

Each email contributes to the unnecessary and unending stream of alerts on my phone. If I am looking for a job, I will search for jobs. If I am looking for a list of campus events this week, I will check the calendar. If I want to play rec sports, I will look on the rec services website. I am an adult. If I want information about something, I will look it up.

Services like the Luther College Bulletin confound me. The bulletin consists of 3,000 words a week that can be found on the calendar of events, a website that the bulletin links to on the first line of every email. What’s even worse is that the link to Luther’s own website is filtered through Constant Contact’s own service that likely tracks which specific users click on those links. I wouldn’t know for sure though, because the anti-virus software on my computer has Constant Contact’s link handling site flagged as a phishing threat.

The worst part is that on top of giving them our email address ad Lord knows how much of our personal information, the college pays for its students to be tracked by these corporations. Why are we paying Constant Contact to track us? And if privacy arguments don’t convince you, here is one I know the college might want to hear; it’s costing you money.

In times of falling enrollment and rumors of faculty contraction, I’d like to know hw much the college pays SYMPLICITY to send me two emails a day with the same jobs that are vaguely related to my major. I want to know how much they pay Constant Contact to send us the same 3,000 word bulletin twice a week. How much does the college pay Regroup to send out emergency notifications or iOfficeCorp for the mail center notifications? How much does it cost for Mailchimp to delver the rec services newsletters?

I might feel a bit better about the whole thing if the college handled their email services like the Registrar. As far as I can tell, when they send out a mass email, they simply email it out to a list of current students, instead of handing over student information to a third-party to do the same thing.

I could understand if the college used a single service to handle all of these emails, but why does each department need their own service to do what amounts to the same outcome in the end-user experience: a litany of unopened emails clogging up cell-phone notifications and choking out important emails from professors? Granted, some of those emails are useful.

Emergency notifications and Mail Center package notifications come to mind, even if we already get those emergency notifications as calls AND texts, and mail center emails aren’t useful beyond the subject line: “[Mail Center] New Mail Alert.”

How much money is spent on unopened and irrelevant email inboxes of Luther students and faculty members? How many of those faculty members, whose email correspondence adds more to our education than an automated email inviting us to play pickle ball ever could, have their jobs at risk because money is being wasted on these online courier services?

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