Down with Norsehub’s two-step verification

Logging into Norsehub reminds me of getting my wisdom teeth cracked out of my mouth by my dentist while I was awake (don’t ask). For those unfamiliar with the process, it’s a simple password-protected website with two-step verification. But unlike every other website on Earth, Norsehub asks for two-step verification every time you log in. My bank account, my email accounts, even the all-important Chips email: all of them only require two-step verification once and then the account is saved to my computer. But not Norsehub.  

I am shocked at the utter hubris of whoever thinks Norsehub is more important than any other website I’ve ever been on. The only explanatory theory that I can think of is that someone thinks that hackers care enough about my Norsehub account to wait until I log in for the first time, phish or otherwise steal my Norsehub password, then steal my computer to avoid two-step verification, and then break into my computer, all to access Norsehub. And for what? To look at the classes I’m taking next fall? Make fun of me for getting an A- in Intro to Data Science?  Figure out what scholarships I have? Gain access to my *unofficial* transcript? Pay my tuition? To do any of those things, all you need to do is ask me!  

In all seriousness, there is obviously sensitive information on Norsehub that probably should not be accessed by hackers (although, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is). According to people who know things about computers, two-step verification is a great way to avoid getting your data stolen and your accounts broken into. It can help protect your data if your password is stolen. That being said, it seems completely unnecessary to require two-step verification every time. There is no good reason for me to log in with two-step verification when the data could just be saved to my personal computer, because it’s the same level of protection unless someone steals my computer, and in that case I’m guessing they’re not going straight for my electronic W-2 form. Norsehub should only require two-step verification one time per computer. Just like getting your wisdom teeth yanked out of your head while sober, once is plenty.