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Luther students should vote “yes” on May 1

April 25, 2018

The local election involving the formation of a municipal electric utility in Decorah will take place May 1. If the vote passes the city council will be authorized to apply to the Iowa Utility Board — Iowa’s regulatory body f...

Cafeteria needs to improve quality and variety

April 18, 2018

Most Luther students are required to live on campus which in turn requires a full meal plan. This leads to us primarily eating in the cafeteria during the school year. However, many Luther students are not happy with cafeteria f...

Dance Marathon celebrates finding their “why”

April 18, 2018

This year’s Luther College Dance Marathon was a landmark year as it was LCDM’s fifth event.  After we saw a huge increase in the fundraising total last year, the executive board this year sought to keep morale high and e...

Baker and Apartments parking restrictions are necessary

Ben Selcke, Sports Editor

April 18, 2018

Students often express concern or displeasure with Luther’s parking policy. However, with a relatively low cost and access to a variety of lots, it actually provides car owners an acceptable number of locations to park their car...

Luther is stronger than the hate incident

Brady Uekert

April 11, 2018

As we settle into the aftermath of the hateful events that took place on the football field on March 11, it seems that there has now been a lull of action among students and faculty here at Luther College. There is struggle in ...

Good art does not excuse sexual and domestic violence

Shasa Sartin, Features Editor

April 11, 2018

When I went to Rome in the summer of 2013 with my grandparents and cousin we went to see the Trevi Fountain so we could throw our coins, ensuring our return to Rome. The Trevi Fountain is one of the most magnificient sculptures...

Students should vote on municipal electric utility issue

Forrest Stewart, Staff Writer

April 11, 2018

On May 1, the citizens of Decorah will vote on whether to authorize city council to establish a municipal electric utility. Our current electricity distributor is an investor-owned utility, Alliant Energy, which strongly opposes...

The limits of forgiveness as a way to end hatred

Ana López, News Editor

March 21, 2018

“It should not be the job of only minorities to risk their well-being to demonstrate humanity.” -Ana López (‘19) As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, I saw a BBC video titled “Why did a black man hug a neo-Nazi skinhe...

Luther security needs a female officer

Grace Onsrud, Staff Writer

March 21, 2018

“Gender diversity on the security staff, and racial diversity as well, is a step towards making more students feel safe on campus.” -Grace Onrud (‘19) Since last Sunday, when symbols of racial hatred were stomped o...

Supporting “Walk up not walk out” is problematic

Lyndsay Monsen, Copy Editor

March 21, 2018

It’s been a tough past few weeks at Luther, there’s no doubt about that. As a campus, we’ve had to go through the unimaginable. Every day since the hate incident, I have been plagued with sadness by the fact that some of my fr...

Students need to speak up to administration

Matthew Dosland ('19)

March 15, 2018

I often hear something along these lines from students: “It’s a problem definitely, but administration has bigger issues, especially low enrollment, to focus on.” I agree, low enrollment is probably the single biggest issue ...

Listening to music without earbuds is disruptive

Lily Kime, A&E Editor

March 15, 2018

It’s supposedly springtime here at Luther, and what a time it is. It’s a time when students wear fewer layers of clothing in an attempt to convince Mother Nature that the weather should be warmer and less snowy (P.S.: your sho...

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