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The senior editorial staff is composed of [LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM] Lyndsay Monsen (‘19), Shasa Sartin (‘19), Elyse Grothaus (‘19), Katrina Meyer (‘19), Ana López (‘19), and Martel DenHartog (‘19).

The end of an era

May 16, 2019

Your opinion can be wrong

Cara Keith, Features Editor

May 9, 2019

I love arguing. I will argue with anyone, at any time, about literally any subject because of my overwhelming need to always be right — and I always am. Some may say that my constant desire to argue is a flaw, but I would much rat...

Luther, teach me how to write

Martel DenHartog, Sports Editor

May 9, 2019

As I wrap up my final semester, I have been reflecting on something I wish Luther pushed me to do more: write. My first year on campus I declared a biology major, but when the neuroscience major started, I hopped on that trai...

Aesthetic appreciation is my “religion”

Shasa Sartin, Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2019

I am currently in the REL485: “Religion, Violence, and Terrorism” course, taught by Associate Professor of Religion Todd Green on Monday nights. At 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday I go to the REL120 course titled “Religion: Curse or B...

It is ok to be passionate about things

Katrina Meyer, News Editor

April 23, 2019

Alright, everybody. This is my last opinion piece as an editor for Chips. For the past two and a half years, people have been asking me to write an opinion piece on what everyone knows that I am super passionate about: Notre ...

An open letter to people who like slowing down their cars to yell things

Kelao Charmaine Neumbo, News Editor

April 10, 2019

Enough. Just stop it. If you have not yet realized, your attention is surprisingly unwarranted. I know it may seem confusing at times, so I wanted to address any misunderstandings you might have. It may not seem like it to...

Why aren’t people showing up for student organizations?

Elyse Grothaus, A&E Editor

April 4, 2019

At our latest weekly Chips meeting, a staff member brought up that three Student Activities Council committees — SAC Entertainment, SAC Impact, and SAC Special Events — will be merging to form one new committee. This is due...

On the myth of the moral consumer and illegal drugs

Ana López, Managing Editor

April 4, 2019

It is going to be about a year since I woke up to the news that three film students that had been disappeared for weeks in Guadalajara, Mexico were found. Salomón, Jesús, and Marco were found in the containers that were used ...

A letter to Jenifer K. Ward

Martel DenHartog, Sports Editor

March 20, 2019

Dear Dr. Ward, I would like to welcome you to Luther College. We are excited to have a fresh face on campus and hope your door is open to any questions we might have about the seemingly secretive going-ons of the campus admi...

Caring is cool

Cara Keith, Features Editor

March 13, 2019

Sometimes I feel like nobody cares about anything at all. Dramatic, I know. Even at Luther, where it appears that everyone is chasing their dream of making an outstanding contribution to the field of chemistry or becoming a worl...

An open letter to whoever left the toilet seat up in Legends the other day

Lyndsay Monsen, Head Copy Editor

March 13, 2019

I work out a lot when I’m stressed. So, naturally, I was in Legends almost every day last week. And, upon spending a lot of time there recently, I have discovered some of my new favorite things about Luther’s state-of-the-...

Africana studies: the study of self

Kelao Charmaine Neumbo, News Editor

March 7, 2019

Given its name, many people assume that Africana studies is solely for Africans and people of African descent. Though it holds special meaning to us, it is truly for all who realize the importance of an informed perspective and...

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