The Little Basement “Rocks” Impact as KWLC hosts Spring Jam


Holding Hemlock performs at KWLC Spring Jam on April 28. Photo courtesy of Nick Greseth (‘23).

On Friday, April 28, Impact Coffee was “jamming” out as KWLC hosted their Spring Jam. The concert’s opening act was none other than Luther’s own Holding Hemlock, followed by Minneapolis band Zippoman. A rock heavy set led to lots of head bobbing and dancing from the crowd as students, professors, and locals crowded around the small stage with Holding Hemlock’s “Unkind” or Zippoman’s “For Her”. KWLC Program Director Shayla Cauldwell (‘24) spoke at the beginning of the event to discuss what Spring Jam was and its importance. 


“This is an event that KWLC runs called Spring Jam,” Cauldwell said. “KWLC puts on this event every year, but this is our first year working with Impact and we are super excited for everyone to enjoy this show.”


 In previous years, Spring Jam has been more exclusive to Luther students, especially KWLC staff and radio hosts. KWLC Co-Social Media chair and journalism head Maya Grocholski (‘24), explained the thought process behind moving the event, and why she thought Spring Jam proves the importance of KWLC for the Luther community.


“We always try to do a good spring concert, and so we thought moving it to Impact could draw a bigger crowd and everybody loves Impact,” Grocholski said. “I think KWLC is a really good place for people to know what’s going on on campus and it’s just a really cool way for people to get involved.”


The show also left a good impression for the audiences. Ellie Greseth (‘26) was in attendance for the show and noticed how ecstatic the energy was from the bands throughout the show.


“I thought the event was awesome,” Greseth said. “The energy from the crowd was amazing and both Holding Hemlock and Zippoman played some really cool stuff.” 


The night concluded with several rounds of applause and one last thank you from the KWLC hosts. KWLC will have shows until the end of the school year; Luther students, faculty and staff can tune in on any online streaming service