Luther should make laundry free


You know what’s annoying? Having to walk all the way from towers to the Union to load money on your laundry card. 


I understand laundry is probably very lucrative for Luther. I also understand that this college needs money to function, and that laundry usually is an added charge at most colleges and universities. But, I think it should be free.


Although the feasibility of free laundry is probably non-existent at this point, I implore someone, anybody really, to consider implementing it. As staffing shortages have led to the loss of CAF and food availability during certain periods of the week, I think this is something good that can help improve the student experience. 


Though laundry at most schools is not free, at the University of Northern Iowa, laundry is already figured into the cost of room and board, so all the machines are “free” to use. Grinnell College also has such a setup. I think Luther should switch to this system, as room and board are already quite significant. 


Perhaps Luther could have a hybrid system: students can either elect to have laundry added to their room and board charge and not have to worry about having enough on their laundry card each time, or they could just pay per load. 


Or at least, every so often it could be free. Perhaps maybe every two weeks there is a free laundry day. Or maybe, a rewards system for laundry––four washes and drying cycles could get you one free one? (A la Starbucks or Caribou reward system?) At the very least, there should be money-loading machines in every dorm… please. 


Though it seems like something small, laundry takes time, and for a college student, time is important. Most have busy schedules, and shouldn’t have to worry about having enough money to pay for laundry while also having to go through the effort of loading/unloading all their stuff. I urge Luther, members of the Student Senate, and really anyone to consider changing how laundry is paid for, because things can be easier.