Stepping in & stepping up

Nothing is more anxiety-inducing than assuming responsibility for an organization that has been around for nearly 140 years. After the pandemic has caused a sea change in how the world is structured though, I am fearful that Chips may be another victim of circumstance. To the best of my ability, I cannot let this happen.

When Chips was founded in 1884, the necessity of a student newspaper was refuted by faculty and staff, labeling it a“dangerous experiment.” Throughout Its tenure on campus, though, Chips has proven itself to be an invaluable record of the student experience. No other organization on campus does what Chips does. 

As I step into this new role of Editor-in-Chief, I do so knowing full well that this organization is essential, it is vital, and it is needed for Luther. The truth matters, and the student perspective matters. Chips will always be an organization that serves the community, and the voices of people who need to be heard. 

I know that my experience as a staff writer, section editor, and managing editor has prepared me for what comes next. Yet, as many often are in uncertain times, I am anxious for what may come. This organization means so much to me, and it has been a great part of who I have been for the past three years; I only hope I can continue to share it with everyone else. I hope this organization will thrive, and continue to do its duty to serve the interest of the student body. 

I will end this with the words written by students in the first edition of Chips, in January of 1884, who were, like me, concerned for the future of their paper—but nonetheless, ready for a challenge:

“There are many things that may render the success of this paper difficult. It may, for instance, with good reason be questioned, whether we have the abilities, sufficient to carry on successfully such a work as the editing of a paper, considering, that it has to be only a secondary work, the work of spare hours, and furthermore considering, that, according to the nature of circumstances, there will have to be a frequent change of editors. But hoping, that interest for the success of the paper, combined with a strong will and assiduous hard labor, will overcome difficulties, and repressing scruples we venture the attempt.”