Halloween haunts: Magician Peter Boie brings his show “Summoning Spirits” to Luther


Magician Peter Boie takes the stage in Marty’s on Monday, October 31. Photo courtesy of Luther College Student Activities Council.

Magician Peter Boie brought excitement to Luther College with his magic on Halloween night. On October 31, Boie brought his show called “Summoning Spirits” to Marty’s. Summoning Spirits is a séance-meets-magic show designed to get the audience’s adrenaline pumping with help from those who have already passed on to the other side. During his interactive show, Boie brought to life old legends and haunted stories by combining magic effects with storytelling. 


Boie originally discovered his passion for magic at the age of 11 when he stumbled upon a magic book from his public library. For the past 26 years, he has been touring colleges and universities around the country. Student Activity Council (SAC) Entertainment Committee Co-Chair Hayden Cronin (’23) said that Boie had reached out to SAC about coming to campus on Halloween; the committee thought he could add an eerie atmosphere to the campus Halloween festivities. While the magic was done all in good fun, many in attendance noted being frightened during the performance. Leen Zaher (‘26) attended the show and noted that everything that Boie did felt real.


“The experience was very intense and all of his tricks felt real,” Zaher said. “The crowd was scared, and it was fun seeing our friends creeped out and scared, which [is what] made it feel very real.” 


For Rawan Hannoon (‘25), Boie’s visit to campus was a great opportunity to get her floor together and experience some spooky fun. Hannoon, who is a Resident Assistant (RA), used the event as a program opportunity for her residents.


“As an RA, I invited my whole floor for the purposes of bonding,” Hannoon said. “[The] scariest part was at the end when [Boie] left the screen on for 10 minutes and suddenly turned off the lights with turning on some white noise.”


As spooky season comes to an end, SAC is looking forward to their next event: bingo night. Students will have an opportunity to win mystery gifts or a homecoming bag on November 12 at 7 p.m. in Marty’s.