SAC Brings Back Nerdology Interactive Trivia for Students


The Nerdology Trivia first place team from left: Soren Basnet (‘25), Michael Burns (‘25), Keagan Larson (‘25), Vincent Buchner (‘25,) Owen Gruenwald (‘25), Noah Arndt (‘25) and Aidan Schultheis (‘25). Photo courtesy of Lydia Marti (‘26).

On Friday, February 17, Luther College students tested their wits in a game of trivia. The showdown was held in Marty’s, and was hosted by comedians Partick McIntrye and Daniel Coletti. 

The rounds and questions focused on more than just common knowledge and random facts. The topics ranged from pop culture references that relate to “Star Wars”, movies based on video games, match the phrase to the character, and to guessing a popular song vocalized in a 1920’s lounge style. Student Activities Council (SAC) Entertainment Co-chair and Vice President Hayden Cronin (‘23) pointed to the variety of questions as being her favorite part. 

“It’s always fun to see the questions,” said Cronin. “Some of the questions are really hard and you’re like, ‘how do people possibly know this’.” 

In between the rounds students participated in interactive events called “Nerd Alert”. Volunteers transformed into everyday objects, answered audience questions as a three headed fortune teller, and guessed whether comic book superpowers were true or false. Throughout the events, both the participants and hosts engaged in witty banter. Coletti reflected on the value of these moments. 

“I really like just interacting candidly with people, so they get those great moments that are unplanned and unscripted,” Coletti said. 

Planning an event like this takes work and SAC was prepared for the challenge, especially since Nerdology Trivia was a returning event for them. Student Activities Director Jenna Mockler-Gjerde (‘06) spoke about why she believes in the usefulness of student focused events. 

“It brings me so much joy to see Luther students having fun, and I think it’s critical to your mental health to have fun,” Mockler-Gjerde said. “Especially after coming out of COVID and all the isolation we just went through, being together in community is more important now than ever.”

Nerdology is not SAC’s only event this semester. On February 25th, Luther College’s very own Holding Hemlock will be opening for Twin Cities’ band Yam Haus. For more information on events, go to Luther College Events or contact SAC.